Small-sized companies barely survived the onslaught of the pandemic while facing several threats today already. These threats include liability losses, workplace hazards, and hackers stealing your information. Data – your most vital asset – must remain secure from criminals marauding digitally by infiltrating your systems. Similarly, your business is vulnerable to workplace violence, such as assaults, 1.5 cases of which happen annually in our country. Moreover, statistics indicate that 50,000+ businesses are robbed yearly in the United States. How can you secure your business from thieves, robbers, arsonists, and many other criminals? We may have some security solutions to make your workplace safer in the future.

Security solutions for your business

Imagine operating a flourishing enterprise only to have your success trampled by robbery, shoplifting, or other instances of violence. It’s been observed that convenience stores are common targets for robbers. Similarly, 1/5,000 employees have been subjected to workplace robbery. We believe business owners must invest in security solutions for their enterprises. Find ways to make sure your offices aren’t broken into when everyone’s distracted. Your company can’t tolerate any damage to business property. Therefore, securing your business premises shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, how do you prevent accidents from taking place at your workplace? We think our below-mentioned security solutions can help you:

  1. Protect your workers:-

Business owners shouldn’t neglect the importance of emergency management. Natural disasters can threaten the well-being of your workforce. You need EM specialists to prevent your folks from getting hurt after quakes, tornadoes, or terror attacks. So, the emergency management salary – amounting to over $64,000 annually – is justified in protecting your employees. In addition, an EM specialist can improve safety protocols in extreme situations and educate people about them. Also, you can prefer keyman insurance which helps to secure your business.

  1. Protect your data:-

You can’t afford to lose your data in this data-dependent age, can you? Hackers are always trying to infiltrate an enterprise’s systems to steal their data and blackmail them. We suggest you make some backups to ensure your data doesn’t get deleted either accidentally or by cybercriminals. So, you should have some faith in the cloud! Install firewalls to prevent hackers from creeping into systems. Also, investing in the cloud lets you access your company’s data from anywhere in the world now.

  1. Establish security procedures:-

Companies should restrict the access of unknown people to their premises. Visitor access prevents a would-be criminal from entering the building. Establish a sign-in process to identify everyone making his way into the workplace. Your employees must have their IDs on their person all the time so they can be recognized easily. Install speed gates to allow entrance to your premises and secure the exits. Also, exits should be marked if some people have to find a way out in an emergency.

  1. Prevent employee theft:-

Business owners should always trust, cherish, and respect their employees. But blind trust can’t help you avoid workplace stealing. Reports have suggested that 75% of workers admit to stealing from their employers. That’s why managers must always perform background research before recruiting them. You may also request candidates to submit police checks to ensure their veracity. Finally, you should create a chain of command and transfer information on a need-to-know basis to avoid further data leaks.

  1. Educate your staff:-

Educate your workforce about the importance of security solutions. So, they should create stronger passwords for their desktops and refrain from sharing their log-in info. Moreover, teach them how it is dangerous to click on suspicious emails. Tell them about phishing scams that have become regular in the United States. Explain why logging in through a public wi-fi connection can become a clear invitation to hackers. That’s how your workers will implement some cybersecurity protocols.

  1. Buy smart locks:-

How can you lock your doors at night while leaving for home? In the past, we used to have locks that keys could open. Today, technology enables us to take things to the next level! You can now access your premises with fingerprints, restrict access to the building remotely, and track the people who have entered the workplace. Smart locks help business owners prevent criminals from entering the premises even if they have the key. Having bio-keys (fingerprints and retina scans) can be safer.

  1. Install security cameras:-

Who knows better what prevents crime than criminals themselves? Research indicates that different criminals-turned-gentlemen have described CCTV cameras and barking canines as the best ways to deter crimes. Therefore, small-sized businesses should invest today in this technology. Furnish your premises with these all-seeing digital eyeballs to make sure every inch stays visible to them. Ensure that doors and exits are under surveillance by these cameras to record everyone who enters now.

  1. Get business insurance:-

You should have general liability insurance in case something happens. And we believe that most of our country’s small-sized businesses have this type of insurance! However, offering services to your customers means that your startup also requires E&O coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance’s a must-have as well. Getting your company insured will protect its interests, thereby saving you from financial problems in the future. Consider other options as well if you’re seeking further protection.

  1. Hire an attorney:-

Do you think only international corporations need lawyers? We learn that 36-53 percent of our country’s small-sized businesses have someone bring a lawsuit against them each year. A lawyer must prevent your business from fighting these legal battles alone. Don’t wait for a lawsuit to be filed against you. Just contact your friends in the business industry so they may suggest a reliable attorney for your business needs. Protect your business from being subject to lawsuits.


Studies have shown that almost 9% of American businesses faced a burglary in 2016. How do you ensure that your business stays safe this year? We’ve mentioned some security solutions to help companies get better at securing their premises. So, invest in a security system while installing security cameras for the building. Prevent employee theft and educate your staff about security solutions. Don’t forget to invest in smart locks to ensure your valuables’ safety when the premises are empty.

Furthermore, you must protect your data, employees, and belongings. Get your startups insured and keep an attorney on retainer to avoid frivolous lawsuits. That’s how you can ensure that your business is secure in 2022.