area rug

As we are getting closer to the colder months, you will inevitably end up spending more time in your living room. For most people, it is often where we do most of our entertaining and relaxing. So, before the colder months are fully here, you should take a look at your living room space to determine if it gives you the cozy feel you’ll crave all winter. To make your modern living room interior feel cozier, try some of these tips:

1) Clear off surfaces – declutter your coffee table, sofa table, entertainment unit, etc. by removing items like magazines or books you no longer want to read. This removes the room of unnecessary items allowing you, and others, to focus on other beautiful accents.

2) Bring in warm colors – adorn your coffee table with a few decorative items that are in warm colors. Or you can add throw blankets to bring in additional colors and patterns, without having to overhaul your space. In addition, throw blankets draw people in to relax.

3) Add throw pillows – add some colorful (warm) throw pillows on your couch/couches for additional coziness while maintaining style! You can even bring in some fun winter-themed options.

4) Add a rug – consider adding an area rug under the coffee table to warm up your living room. If you really want to bring out this “cozy” look, try choosing one that is shaggy or fluffy for added warmth. Rug pads are also important if you’ll be using them on hardwood floors (or any flooring) because they help protect against wear and tear while still preventing slipping accidents.

5) Add candles – add some decorative candles around the space. Not only do these serve as mood lighting but they will give a rug with rich tones, throw pillows in natural shades, and select soft furnishings with deep hues for a cozy vibe.

6) Consider lighting – strategically placelamps in your living room to create mood lighting. Using lamps instead of overhead lighting allows you to use lighting for only what you need instead of lighting up the whole room. Lamps have the ability to cast soft, warm light across the room.

7) Get an electric fireplace – fireplaces are often seen as the epitome of coziness. They draw you in to relax with a hot beverage and a good book. Some vendors have designed entertainment units with fireplace inserts allowing you to use one piece for multiple purposes.

8) Change up your furniture – sometimes coziness comes down to the furniture in your room. A modern-looking sofa or sectional could look too sterile, but upholstering it in a soft, or plush performance fabric can create a cozy feel while resisting stains. Also, many vendors are designing sofas and sectionals with extra depth giving you the optimal space to curl up. Don’t want to invest in a large piece? Consider changing out or adding a plush armchair.

9) Create seating groups – creating an intimate feel in a large living room can be difficult. People often make the mistake of pushing the furniture to the perimeter of the room in order to fill the space. You can also add coffee tables where you can sip a cup of coffee while talking to each other. You can buy such from Canggu Home especially if you want to have an African vibe in your room.

If you are in need to help with creating a cozy living room in your home, give our interior designer a call. She has years of experience with all aspects of furniture and design and will be able to help pick out pieces that make sense in your home – making sure they fit your personality as well as budgets. Contact us today at 313-381-2515 to schedule an appointment.