In Greek civilization, beauty was so much appreciated that they came up with a word defining the same, known as ‘esthetics’. Over time, the word went through a lot of variations and finally came to be known as ‘aesthetics’. The term ‘Aesthetics’ means concerned with beauty and appearance. To put it in simple words, aesthetics induces feelings of calm and happiness.

On a similar note, the aesthetics of interior design uplifts our spirit plus help us make the best use of space in our home. In contemporary times, decorative laminates are the most popular choice for homeowners when they want to elevate the splendour of their interior decoration. If you are fascinated by the idea of using laminates in interior designing but aren’t sure about its benefits, we’ve got some answers for you.

The demand for Royale Touche laminate sheets is always high due to several factors, including its cost-effectiveness, durability, high and low-temperature resistance, scratch resistance and other factors. What’s more, they are easy to maintain which makes them the number one choice in commercial and residential spaces.

Everything about laminates: Types

  • Decorative laminates
  • Industrial laminates
  • Compact laminates
  • Post formed laminates
  • High-pressure and low-pressure laminates

Decorative laminates

Royale Touche laminates have greater aesthetic appeal when it comes to finishes and patterns. These laminates are mainly utilised for ornamental overlays on furniture. Furthermore, there are several types of decorative laminates which offers a wide range of choice for interior designing.

Industrial laminates

These laminates are known for their sturdiness because they have high strength and are resistant to wear and tear. In addition, industrial laminates are high-performing laminates as they are fire-retardant, antibacterial plus they are chemically resistant for usage in hospitals and other industries.

Compact laminates

They are thick in size and does not require to be glued as they are known for being self-supporting laminates.

Post formed laminates

The thinner and flexible versions of laminates are post formed laminates. They are specially referred for regular usages, such as for wrapping around tables, columns, etc.

High-pressure and low-pressure laminates

These laminates differ only because they are applied with high pressure on a substrate. High pressured laminate is used only on plywood, while low-pressure laminate is used on medium-density fibreboard.

The best pro-tips for using laminates for interior designing

Royal Touche is the best laminate manufacturers in India that offers an extensive range of laminates. In the case of interior design, laminate has become an indispensable part of it. Laminate is available in a plethora of textures, colours, and designs. Given below are some of the major points that will help you to narrow down your choice.

  • Choose laminates based on their functionality
  • Your choice of laminates should not overshadow other elements of your home
  • Focus on lighting
  • Maintenance

Choose laminates based on their functionality

There are particular laminates for every individual part of the home. If you are searching for laminates for the kitchen, then Royale Touche laminates for kitchen should be the first choice as they are durable, moisture resistant, and anti-fingerprint laminate. In case, you need laminate for a space that is prone to wear and tear, it is essential to choose a high-pressure laminate that can withstand such use for a long time. 

Your choice of laminates should not overshadow other elements of home

A significant point that shouldn’t be ignored for bedrooms and living rooms is visual appeal matters a lot. Hence, it is best to choose designer laminates that blend perfectly in texture and colours besides complementing other aspects of your home, like wall colour, and curtain colour. This is an important factor that contributes heavily to building the charm of your house.

Focus on lighting

A significant rule of thumb in interior designing is ensuring the required flow of light in various parts of the home. Therefore, extra attention needs to be paid when choosing Royale Touche laminates for bedrooms, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and other places.


When you are choosing laminates for interior designing, maintenance is important but it is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is gentle cleaning with soft cleaning materials for removing stains and spillages without making a delay. However, it is advised to not use any harsh chemicals or materials to clean the surface of the laminates.

Nothing feels more exciting than decorating the interiors of your home. Nevertheless, it can also turn into an arduous task with the absence of proper guidance. Head over to the Royale Touche catalogue to find out the ideal laminates for your home interior design. With Royale Touche laminate, you add quality and durability in addition to enhancing the interior design of your home. 

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