Do you hope to succeed in college?

The average American college student carries a 3.1 GPA. This reflects a low B.

Some students would run with this grade. But those who strive for excellence would never accept it.

What does it take to do better than the norm? Read on to learn how to do well in college!

Time Management

College offers a new sense of freedom as you transition into adulthood. Learn early on how to manage this time that you get to control.

For college success, you must make time for sleep. Depending on your age, you may need anywhere from 7-10 hours of sleep each night. Deprivation makes it difficult to learn and leads to low test scores.

You must also block out time for all of your waking activities. Create a schedule or use a daily planner.


Attend all of your classes, even if your professor deems them optional. This will help you grasp difficult concepts.

Your teacher will also notice your efforts. This way, if your grade teeters a half a point beneath an A, they will feel more inclined to bump you up or offer you extra credit to get there.

You will meet a number of new friends that may take classes with you. Socialize later.

Focus and engage during class because it will help you understand the homework and retain the information. Your professor may go over things not talked about in the textbook. If you miss it that could lower your test score.

Ask Questions

Nobody walks into a class knowing everything- not even your professor. For college success, ask questions when you feel confused or stuck.

Raise your hand in class during appropriate times. Or, look for your professor’s office hours and meet with them one on one.

Do not feel ashamed for struggling. The best college student will pay attention so intently that they generate hundreds of questions.

Go the Extra Mile

College provides you with numerous opportunities. Take them whenever possible!

Do the extra credit offered, even when you’re already passing. Attend that guest lecture from an expert in your field.

Listen for volunteer opportunities that spark your interest. These may not affect your grades, but they do build prosocial behavior, connect you with community leaders, and look good for scholarships.

By the way, apply for those scholarships! If you can afford to focus on school without working, it could be your key to succeeding in college.

Join clubs and groups that spark your interest, like the national society of collegiate scholars. This will expand your horizons both personally and academically. A great college student will even go after a leadership role within the organization!

Now You Know How to Do Well in College

Now that you know how to do well in college, apply this knowledge and actually succeed! You will achieve invaluable skills and connections by putting forth the extra effort to surpass the norm.

College puts heavy demands on your body and mind, so staying healthy is another key to success. Find useful tips for keeping yourself well on our health page!