Fabulous Glow Up

The latest trends in facial hair removal are just not your father’s shave. Don’t be caught coming into work next Monday looking like you should have cleaned up before the wedding came around, try Profhilo treatment instead. With one quick visit to our clean and private offices, you can prevent all those unwanted hairs from coating your face for years to come. Just sit back and relax as we give you a 20 minute break from everything that life is dishing out at the moment: no pain, no wired sideburns – just an extra dose of confidence and dignity with each step you take this Monday morning!

Give unwanted hair the brush-off. This safe and gentle formula was specially formulated to dissolve even tough to remove hair growths like ingrown hairs, red bumps, apocrine glands (a type of sweat gland), and other embarrassing blemishes on any body part. Professionally formulated by dermatologists, people with all skin types can enjoy this long lasting solution that is clinically proven safe for daily use.

With the rise in the number of people with sensitive skin, and especially those who work in office environments, we’ve seen a premium for products oriented towards preventing erythema and avoiding triggers. Profhilo is designed to protect your complexion so you can avoid redness all day long, saving you time on makeup touch-ups!

Profhilo is a hair loss treatment that increases the thickness and volume of your hair. It also eliminates hereditary balding, excessive shedding, and thinning sensitivity. This platinum formula densifies every strand with a lifetime full-body coverage plan.

Forget about those old treatments from generations past because you’ve finally found the one that delivers! You deserve to have beautiful locks as often as possible to keep up your appearance. Reach out, call today for an appointment at 800.

New technology for hair loss prevention to stop the cycle of hair shedding and hair thinning.

Profhilo is a breakthrough in preventive treatments for men. New research has shown that Profhilo, when applied weekly, can halt the balding process and even reverse hairloss due to hereditary factors or other causes. Even if it’s too late for you, your son may never have to worry about going prematurely bald!  This treatment is scientifically proven with nearly 100% effectiveness rate. For best results, apply for three consecutive weeks before all cells are lost by old age or injury lasting more than 35 years. Users will not see visible signs of change until two months after application is complete but inside it’s working hard to promote cell reproduction.

Profhilo is a prescription-only hair regrowth treatment that can be applied to the scalp in order to treat hair loss and thinning. It contains three active ingredients: monoxide 2% solution, testosterone 0.5%, and finasteride 1%.

Prophylactic treatments like Profhilo can keep men from experiencing male pattern baldness (MPB). Hair falls out and stops growing because of follicle issues, but adding these compounds kicks off follicle growth again; it’s like when you’re hurt and your body sends out strong signals to produce stronger cells for healing. With help from chemistries like ROGAINE®, patients with MPB will see improved appearance in their scalp due to healthy strands of black.