With a decade-long history to celebrate this month, the MotoPress team has achieved another significant milestone: as of this writing, over 1,000 customers have acquired the Appointment Booking plugin. If you’re curious to know exactly what this extension does and who MotoPress is — especially if you’re not already familiar — read on as we delve into some notable facts about both the product and the company in the paragraphs that follow.

In 2013, a team of two — Oleksandr and Oksana — were the driving forces behind the creation of a company focused on WordPress-related products. Initially, a plugin similar to Elementor was created, but significantly before Elementor itself came into existence. This extension was called the Content Editor, a name that clearly hints at its capabilities. However, the team soon decided to pivot to a more specific niche: hotel and vacation rentals.

What is the result? Today, business owners have the opportunity to utilize an assortment of themes and plugins created by MotoPress, focused on satisfying the needs of enterprises that rely on realty bookings, or appointment scheduling. The MotoPress team consists of 20 experts in distinctive fields. And the Appointment Scheduling plugin improvement is the main focus of the company’s attention at the time of writing.

Here is what MotoPress’s CEO, Oleksandr Matiienko, had to say on the subject of recent achievements:

“As a developer myself, I believe there is no substitute for hard work. We have put a lot of energy, research, and development hours into creating a lightweight yet fully-fledged reservation plugin for appointment-based businesses. It supports multiple locations for enterprise businesses; deposits, coupons, and payment gateways to help you collect payments your way; multiple service reservations by one client; unlimited bookings and services; staff schedules with individual flexibility and so much more.”

But what has led to this milestone specifically regarding the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin, and what exactly is the secret behind the roughly 70,000 total customers, taking into account all the company’s products? The reason is simple: in order not to spread itself thin across various sectors, the team focused on a specific, narrow niche — rental property booking solutions, appointment scheduling plugins, and supplementary products.

When you focus on serving the needs of one particular type of business, you can gain proficiency in solving the specific tasks that these companies face. As a result, you can capture a large market share because you offer the best possible solutions, thanks to your deep expertise. And this is exactly the case with MotoPress.

What is the feedback from MotoPress customers about one of the best appointment booking plugins? First of all, it’s very user-friendly: with just a few clicks, website visitors can schedule an appointment for English lessons, beauty procedures, or even sports training. The range of possible applications is very wide. Secondly, business owners can easily manage appointments from their admin side.

What else is notable about this plugin? It can process payments using any of the payment systems available today and can notify your clients about upcoming appointments. Additionally, you can add an unlimited number of employees, create discount coupons, organize group events, and much more. The price is relatively modest: $59.00 per year for a single site and $199.00 per year for an unlimited number of sites. So, if you own a business in the niche of appointment scheduling, this comprehensive tool is definitely worth your attention.

Quick recap: MotoPress has been in business for more than ten years, specializing in WordPress solutions. They offer a range of productsfrom templates and plugins to add-onswhile also providing additional services. The company particularly focuses on the niches of appointment scheduling and rental property businesses. Two of their standout products, the Hotel Booking and Appointment Booking plugins, have proven highly effective in converting website visitors into loyal, paying customers.