If you and your spouse are having trouble agreeing to the terms of your divorce, arbitration may be a suitable option for you. Arbitration takes place in a private setting rather than in court. This can be beneficial if you want to resolve your disagreements without having to go through the public court process, but still want a third party’s involvement in making decisions about the divorce and want the assistance of a divorce attorney in Sugarland, TX.

Ask a Divorce Attorney in Sugarland, TX: How to Make Your Best Case in Divorce Arbitration

What Happens During Arbitration?

During an arbitration hearing, an arbitrator will hear both spouses’ sides of the case and then decide who gets what in terms of assets, custody, and finances. This decision is binding, which means that both spouses will be required to follow it. Arbitration can be a useful alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for those who want to avoid the stress and expense of going to court. It is voluntary and both spouses must agree to enter the arbitration.

How Do I Make the Best Case in Arbitration?

To make a strong case during your arbitration, you must present a well-prepared argument that is backed by meaningful, robust evidence. It’s important to approach the process without anger or animosity towards the other spouse, instead relying on facts and rationale. Parties also often find greater success when they’re realistic about what they’re entitled to, not demanding too much from the process but instead aiming for a reasonable outcome.

While some people choose to represent themselves throughout this process, you are entitled to a lawyer and therefore may find value in hiring an attorney to represent you. An expert divorce attorney won’t just understand the law better – they’ll be able to build a deeply compelling case to support you, tell your story without letting emotion interfere, and help you defend yourself should things turn ugly. Their experience and understanding of the system ensure your party makes the best case possible.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Hiring a Lawyer for Arbitration?

They Offer Credibility When There’s a Power Imbalance

Things like employment history, testimonials from employers and friends, and socioeconomic backgrounds can all play into how you are perceived by the arbitrator. If, for example, your spouse works for a large, well-respected company, or comes from a well-known family, you may be competing against their existing public perception. By hiring an attorney to speak for you, you eliminate the threat that any preconceived notions or biases may have on your case.

The Outcome of Arbitration Will Be Binding

Since the arbitrator’s decision can’t be appealed, you only have one chance to make the best case possible. A negative outcome of arbitration could look like significant financial loss, a loss of employment or even losing custody of a child. If a person feels like they have little to lose from arbitration, then forgoing a lawyer might be a fine option, but many people worry that the stakes are too high to not give themselves the best shot at success.

They Can Give You Initial Advice

Divorce arbitration in Sugar Land, TX is not the right path for every separating couple. If you’re interested in arbitration, or your spouse has suggested it, it may be worth consulting with an attorney ahead of agreeing to anything. They can review your circumstances to make sure it’s the best option for you and that you have a strong enough case to find some success. This is an important step, since once you enter into the arbitration, you cannot withdraw.

What Are the Benefits of Arbitration?

Many people opt for arbitration because it affords them the privacy that a court proceeding would not. It can also be a useful tool for couples who have already settled most of their issues but have a few sticking points they cannot resolve without third-party assistance. Arbitration is less formal than a court proceeding, which can alleviate some of the tension commonly found throughout the divorce process. It’s also a more cost-effective alternative.

It also allows for some control and specificity; for example, if a couple is only concerned with the financial matters of their divorce, then they can hire an arbitrator who specializes in finance settlements. For those looking for a process that affords them even more control, divorce mediation may be a more suitable option. Mediation gives spouses the ability to negotiate and decide on the final agreements themselves, rather than depending on a third party.

If you’re looking to avoid the stress and cost of a courtroom proceeding, arbitration with a divorce attorney in Sugarland, TX can be a great solution. It’s a useful tool for settling those final sticking points that are stopping you from finalizing the divorce and moving on with your life. Talk to an experienced lawyer to decide whether it’s right for you, then go forward with your strongest case to get yourself the settlement you deserve.