Online shopping is no doubt the ultimate way to shop for different products and services. It is the most convenient and stress-free way to buy favorite merchandise even stepping a single foot outside. Most Indian buyers are getting benefits from e-commerce websites. Now, they are also earning cashback on every purchase with online shopping. There are a variety of cashback websites that offer great money-saving deals. These sites are primarily meant to attract more and more traffic of buyers through cashback deals. So, if you prefer to buy goods online, then you can earn many benefits. 

List of Popular Cashback Websites in India


It is a popular eCommerce company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company manages a full-fledged e-shopping portal. It has an exclusive range of Indian and western products. The company offers great cashback deals in the form of points. For instance, on every buy of Farmasi beauty products up to 100 bucks, you will get 33 points. If you pay through the payment partner of Flipkart like PayTM, then you can get instant cashback to your wallet. 

Online shopping is always better than traditional stores. You can buy products while sitting at home, check Farmasi reviews and price comparisons. A local store cannot give you such a facility, so e-shopping is always a winning shopping goal to determine. 


Amazon is another giant in the eCommerce shopping world that facilitates buyers with cashback offers. However, it renders cashback on selected categories only. But, as a regular buyer, you can claim hefty discounts on every purchase. You can get discount coupons to use for buying costly products. The purpose of online shopping is solely to save money. So, there is no difference, if you get it in the form of cashback or discount. You can even save more bucks with combo deals and can get offers like Buy 1 Get 1. It is a reliable site that has gained higher recognition. You can earn 2 points for every purchase of up to Rs. 100 to become a mysterious gainer. They also offer information like apps like GetInsta. 


Swiggy is a popular Indian app that renders great service to people for ordering online food. It works through a significant network of restaurants and hotels across the country. If you want to order something that you want to eat, you can use this app. They will serve you fresh and hot food with home delivery. It also offers Indians the facility of money-saving. As a buyer, you can find discount deals and coupons on online food orders. You can also earn 5 points per order and can redeem the points to get heavy discounts. You only need to make your cart value up to 100 rupees. You can also get a promo code to apply while ordering food online to save money. Moreover, it also offers Swiggy money in the form of cashback that applies on orders from a single restaurant. 


The biggest online shopping site that offers fashion garments and accessories also allows cashback. You can get 2 points for every 100 rupees purchase and visit the offer page of the site to check discounts. Check available offers on garments and accessories with promo codes. Click on the shop and earn tab to get cashback into your payment app wallet. You can also win discount coupons to use for future purchases in accordance with the validation. 

Fyool app

Though it could be an unknown app for most Indians, it is really beneficial. It offers a cash-back facility on liquor and other commodities like gas, petrol, and diesel. You can earn up to 50 percent discount and cashback on various brandy brands in India. The inventors of this app have stated that they want to encourage people to shop online. They have exclusively launched this app to get instant payback by simply uploading the bill of the purchased commodity. If you bought the best brandy brand in India online then it is the best deal to have a grave discount and payback. 


Earning good cashback on medicines could be an exciting offer. Medicines are costly in India and they are the primary need for hectic and unhealthy living. So, you can shop from Netmeds to get payback from 50 to 500 on the first purchase of up to 999. These apps use language apis such as ISM Malayalam or Amar Bangla.

The Bottom Line

Cashback offers are real when you chase them online through authentic eCommerce websites. You can get hefty discounts on every purchase to become a mystery shopper.  

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