Oil and gas

For people who are interested in pursuing a career in petroleum exploration, the best Oil and gas courses in UAE will prove to be invaluable. This is because most of the work done by petroleum engineers in the field involves underwater drilling. In order to obtain the license required for performing this task, an engineer must undergo a rigorous process of training. The schools and colleges that provide such courses provide expert guidance to students so that they can succeed in the process of learning.

Offshore oil & gas platforms are usually very expensive to build

It requires expertise in many fields including structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. The platforms need to be very sturdy in order to withstand harsh weather conditions and the pressure of high tides. In order to prevent accidents, the designers of these structures also incorporate safety features.
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Since these platforms are very large. There is a lot of room for accommodating the required equipment as well as space for training. Hence, students from across the globe enroll in one of the programs offered by offshore oil and gas companies. Each course is designed to give the students a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Secure a good job it is important to gain experience on one of the oil & gas courses in the UAE

The oil companies post their requirements online. And hence it is easy for students from across the globe to reach the top positions. Usually, a candidate must have obtained his bachelor’s degree before he applies for one of the available positions. However, many graduates go on to obtain master’s degrees as well so that they can enhance their credentials.

The curriculum of the course varies depending upon the company that is hiring. Usually, the first two or three years of the curriculum cover general studies and classroom work. Later, specialized courses such as petroleum engineering or geology are introduced. So that the students gain valuable working experience while they are still in college. Once they gain employment, they proceed to the next level of the curriculum. This includes courses in accounting, business management, project management, spill response, safety, security & protection, and economics.

There are several oil & gas courses in the UAE

Which offers practical training which is useful for those who are interested in working in an oil rig. The Dubai Offshore Processing Station (DOPDS) offers a comprehensive course in Petroleum Engineering to suit all levels of experience. The curriculum is designed to prepare the trainee for job opportunities in the oil & gas sector in real-world settings. The trainees can opt for a one or two-year diploma course. But many prefer to take a full four-year course for career success.

There are many courses in Dubai that also prepare students for an overseas career.

In addition to the above-mentioned oil & gas courses in the UAE. The Fujairah Commercial School. And the Dubai Polytechnic is two of the schools offering a wide range of subjects including management, engineering, and business administration. The Islamic University of Dubai also offers classes in Management. While the Emirates Academy of Business and Technology (EABT) and Al-Azhar University are other important educational institutions in the UAE that offer courses in various disciplines. Some of these schools even provide an internship program to students after they finish their education.

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