What is Biodegradation and why are companies interested?

Biodegradable or Biodegradation is when an item or product can be broken down by bacteria, microbes, and fungi and usually will be absorbed by the environment it is in. As global warming increases and people become aware of what’s happening, it is no surprise that a lot of companies are starting to make biodegradable products and eco-friendly alternatives. 

 Around 7,500 companies have become Eco-friendly, with most of them targeting Energy, Emissions, and Biodiversity. Almost 25% of businesses have said they’re becoming more energy-efficient and 64% have already taken these steps and plan to take further action to become more sustainable.

This is because they have realised most people don’t want to buy anything that isn’t environmentally friendly, such as things with plastic in. This is because being Eco-friendly can save a lot of money: the prices of products will be cheaper and things such as energy-efficient lights are great alternatives. In fact, they’re brighter and last longer than regular lights.

Additionally, being Eco-friendly gains a bigger audience and grows your company’s reputation significantly. This is largely because when people see your products don’t harm the environment, they trust your company and align with your ethos. This results in a rapport with the customer who will continue to buy from your company, resulting in business growth. If your business involves food production or making food, you might want to consider using fresh organic products and natural ingredients as this will benefit you and the consumer. 

Why plastic is bad and harms the environment

There are many disadvantages to plastic. They’re harmful to us and the environment. Because many people rely on drinking from plastic bottles, and sometimes eating from plastic containers, a lot of this stuff doesn’t make it to the bin. As a result, it just stays there affecting wildlife and the environment.

Another reason that plastic is harmful is that plastic is made from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable. This means, when they run out, we can’t use them again. Additionally, when making plastic, it involves adding the dangerous chemical, polyvinyl chloride. Which is widely known as the most toxic plastic for health and the environment.

Plastic also has a low melting point. This means it can’t be used when heat levels are high, but some of the ingredients in plastic involve polystyrene, acrylics, and nylon which are highly flammable. As most plastic products are in homes this means they’re a fire hazard. 

Biodegradable Products

Here at Voidfill, we aim to be Eco-friendly and strive to offer environmentally friendly packaging. We take great care to make biodegradable packaging, that’s why many of the products can be used every day.

  • Biodegradable Dissolvable Packing Peanuts
  • Recycled Paper Cushion Packaging
  • Eco-Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap

Biodegradable Dissolvable Packing Peanuts – BigBio

A lot of companies when sending products use Packing peanuts. The problem with these is that they’re made of plastic and take a very long time to decompose; usually ending up in landfills or the ocean, affecting wildlife. Therefore, we’ve come up with a product called BigBio,  which is biodegradable packing peanuts made from starch. Making them from starch means they are non-toxic, dissolvable, and biodegradable. They have a lot of fantastic benefits, for example, if a pet were to eat one, nothing harmful would happen to them. Additionally, they dissolve in water, making getting rid of them a much easier and less wasteful task.

Recycled Paper Cushion Packaging – EcoNutz

When companies are delivering products, they wrap them in a plastic cushion packaging, to avoid damage when in transit. Econutz, our more Environmentally friendly packaging is also made from recycled paper which means its non-polluting. Another reason why you should consider switching is that they are made from recycled goods: they’ll be cheaper and reusable. The paper we use is 100% recycled. We do this because we want to get rid of plastic and make the world cleaner and more sustainable. 

Eco-Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap – PuffPack

Our PuffPack rolls are made entirely from recycled materials, meaning they’re more sustainable and more eco-friendly. Our PuffPacks are used when sending items through transport systems. Many parcels either crack or break when traveling, but our PuffPack will protect your products and make sure you get them in perfect condition! When wrapping, the PuffPack can fit Normal shapes to irregular shapes. The rolls contain 50% yield making it stronger and better than if we used ordinary unrecycled paper. Because less paper is being used this means your shipping costs will be lower too. 

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