The Unexpected Passing of Brian DeQuincey Newman: A Life of Legacy and Promise Brian DeQuincey Newman was well known for his commitment to public service and family ties to the civil rights movement, so it came as a shock when his sudden demise at 40 occurred unexpectedly. Friends, family, and colleagues have taken notice and reflect upon what an extraordinary short yet impactful life this was for all who knew him.

Who Was Brian DeQuincey Newman?

Newman, being the great-nephew of the revered civil rights leader Rev. I. DeQuincey Newman, carried a legacy of service, dedication, and commitment. At only 30 years old, he was elected to Columbia City Council and soon after made history by being selected for two additional council terms. But that wasn’t where his success ended – in just three short years, he made history again! Brian led the Central Midlands Regional Transport Authority and served the community as an assistant solicitor for the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

What Were His Notable Achievements?

While his public positions highlighted his commitment to service, his heart was truly seen in his day-to-day interactions. Tameika Isaac Devine, a close friend and former council member, recalls his involvement in development projects. She emphasized his happiness in being able to do things “his own way.”

How Do Friends Remember Him?

Devine paints a vivid picture of Newman’s legacy, saying, “He had so many possibilities, was so intelligent, and didn’t limit himself to one area or another but just looked at where he could give back.” This sentiment is echoed by State Representative Todd Rutherford who cherished Brian’s altruistic nature. “He was the kind of person that if he met you, you were his friend, and if you were his friend, you were his family, and that’s how he treated everybody,” Rutherford recalled.

What Message Did Brian Live By?

Rutherford recalls Brian as being particularly memorable because of his frequent usage of the phrase ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once). Brian believed in living each moment to the fullest and hoped others would follow his example and embrace each day to its fullest extent as part of making memories that mattered in life. Rutherford, reminiscing with a smile, urges people to understand the profundity of that message, especially in the wake of Newman’s sudden passing.

What Are the Funeral Arrangements?

For those wishing to pay their respects, Brian D. Newman’s funeral preparations are already in place. On Monday morning at 10am there will be a preview and his funeral is to begin shortly afterwards at 11am at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia.

Why Is It Important To Reflect On Such Lives?

Brian DeQuincey Newman’s sudden demise is a solemn reminder of the uncertainty of life. Yet it serves as an inspiration. He epitomised living life with purpose, passion and an unfaltering dedication to service. His legacy serves as a beacon for many, encouraging them to live every day like it’s their last and to continuously give back to the community.

Table Summary

NameBrian DeQuincey Newman
Age at Passing40 years
Cause of DeathHeart attack caused by a blood clot
Major AchievementsElected to Columbia City Council, Led Central Midlands Regional Transport Authority
LegacyAltruism, Service, and Dedication
Funeral DetailsPreview at 10 a.m., Funeral at 11 a.m., Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia

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