Build Your Dream Home in Coimbatore

With it quickly becoming one of India’s most popular and rapidly growing cities, there’s no better time to build your dream home or investment property. By partnering with Radvi, India’s global luxury real estate agency, you can maximise your next investment, getting exactly what you want. 

Comprising of a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, their team has advanced knowledge of the locality and covers a huge range of real estate services. Services include everything from purchasing land and building a new home to renovating and home automation. With over 30 years of experience behind them, the foundation of their work is to help their customers get the best value in all deals. Ensuring a smooth process from start to finish, the agency has an excellent track record and hundreds of raving reviews. 

Radvi offers a range of services, tailored to each client they get onboard. These include:

  • Land property consultation
  • Architectural design
  • Residential and commercial luxury property building
  • Interior design
  • Home automation 
  • Renovations
  • Landscaping and garden design
  • Swimming pool design and building 

Why Invest in Coimbatore?

Quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction, the geographical location of Coimbatore makes it a hit for many reasons. Coimbatore is home to one of the largest textile industries in the world and is also a recognised educational hub with over 7 universities, 78 engineering, 3 medical, 2 dental and 150 arts and science colleges. Coimbatore offers a pleasant climate all year round with its mild winters and moderate summers, making it the perfect home base for almost anyone. With their experience and market knowledge,the agency  can help you build your dream home in Coimbatore, renovate your existing home or build your next commercial property. 

Residential and Commercial Building in Coimbatore 

Whether you’re thinking of building a luxurious villa in an area such as Vadavalli or Singanallur or rather a stylish apartment in the city, their team of agents will help you buy the right plot, complete all legal documents, plan your custom design and find the most suitable and affordable and suitable materials. Having a huge range of contacts in the local market, their team will partner up with any other professionals that are needed for your dream build, including trades, architects and designers. 

Buying or building a property when you’re not living currently in India can be quite difficult, but that’s where Radvi can help. Easy to communicate with and passionate about global luxury, their group of local agents, contractors, designers, developers and architects can help you as a NRI, to build your dream property. No matter your budget, their team will consider your main priorities, offering services that show real results but don’t break the bank. 

Property Transformations With Radvi

Maybe you’re not looking to buy, but rather to transform your home. Whether you’ve got a luxury villa, a stand-alone home or a high-rise apartment, their team can do all the groundwork and will carry out each stage with their expertise. Working with your vision and budget, the team will maximise your return on investment, creating greater resale value and making sure it looks exactly how you imagined. With property trends constantly changing, the team keeps themselves up to date, meaning you’ll get features that will match market standards. Whether you’re after home automation to make your house that bit more homely or rather have the plan to extend your property with a room or floor, their team have you covered. As time goes on, property’s interiors and exteriors begin to age. Colours fade and foundations weaken, meaning your investment may not be at its full potential.

Whether you’re wanting to add some newness to your existing property or it’s time to build that one you’ve always dreamt of, get in touch with the Radvi team of experts today.