Graphic design has changed the way of advertisement in marketing. It is evolving day by day and so are the common myths associated with graphic designing. Graphic designing is not just limited to some visual images but it has different aspects to it which makes your business stand out in the competition. So pal, before you hire top graphic design companies for your brand let’s throw light on some of the most common myths here:

It is just about logos

Whenever you hear about graphic designing the first thing that comes to your mind start graphic designing is only about logos. Of course, most of the top graphic design companies offer creative logo designs to the clients but there is more to it. A graphic designing company focuses more on creating visual content for the brand so that the right message can be translated to the customers effectively. It is not just about logo but magazine, album covers, infographic, posters, brooches, and other such important marketing materials for the brand.


It is only best for print medium

Graphic designing has covered almost every medium with the help of digital marketing and it is just not limited to the print medium. Sadly people think that graphic designing is only limited to print mediums. Today top graphic design companies provide designs for various mediums from a website, social media, newsletter magazine to branding. Graphic designing has covered it all for you as they even offer content creation for your business.

The use of images

At first graphic designing used still images to create content for the brands and this is the reason why people believe that graphic designing only users still images for creating content. But this is not the truth as top graphic design companies today use animated slideshows of images, icons, and text graphics which creates animated gifs. These gifs are not limited as it has given a new direction to imagery and imagination. These slideshows of images or graphics include graphics for YouTube, infographics, social media ads, and so on. So graphic designing has evolved and is no longer only about a bold still image.

Picking the right font

Many people assume that when it comes to graphic designing it is only about picking the right kind of sound and the design will be beautiful. Well, to be honest, it is more about arranging text in such a way that it creates meaningful designs for your brand. Many top graphic design companies focus on the font type that best suits the brand’s message and portrays your brand justly. These companies focus on the text and other elements on the page which include different kinds of key elements such as Shades, graphics, lines, shades, framing, images, and spaces that should be between the texts. All the elements should blend in properly to make a powerful design.

Visual Trends

It is commonly believed that graphic design follows visual trends and graphic designs are highly influenced by the changing trends. Of course changing trends does affect any form of creativity but it doesn’t mean that a graphic designer is a slave to the changing trends. Many top graphic design companies focus on providing work that is not affected by changing trends. The main focus of these companies is not the trend but the design that can have a powerful impact on the targeted audience. Most of the logos and the designs of popular brands have surfaced the trends and are still considered trendy.

Making things beautiful

When we are mentioning some of the myths associated with graphic designing then how can you forget mentioning that most people assume that graphic designing is all about making things look beautiful and pleasing to the audience. Graphic designing is more about connecting the customers to the business or brand. It is not the goal of graphic designs to make the designs look beautiful in front of the customer and to please the customer by doing so.

Today top graphic design companies are working more on improving the designs in such a way that they can look neat and beautiful and have some creative meaning to them. It is quite obvious that when you are showing a design you don’t want it to be messy or improper for your customers. Beautiful design works for some brands but it doesn’t work for most of the brands so the objective here is to make the audience know more about the brand instead of just making the brand look beautiful.

Original designs

Many things that graphic designing are about 100% original originality. Well, originality is key when it comes to graphic designing as this is what will make your brand look different in comparison to the competitors. But that doesn’t mean that every design that you are going to create for your brand has to be made originally from the scratch each time. There are different types of templates available on the Internet today that offer great has to Graphic designers and professional designers from the top designs graphic design companies take the help of templates to create designs for most of the brands. Remember that consistency is the key when it comes to the visual identity of the brand and if if you are going to create a design from scratch every time then it can consume a lot of time which will eventually affect the consistency of the brand. So designs are original but not all designs are entirely original as designers take help of the templates to design for the brand.

Graphic design has changed the overall outlook of the business today. Today technology has changed and so have the aspects related to graphic designing. Now graphic design is not just limited to print materials but has evolved itself to be used in the digital medium as well as virtual medium. It is quite common to have misconceptions regarding the terms and aspects associated with graphic designing. We hope that after reading the blog the major misconception regarding digital marketing has been removed.