Regarding dog discomfort, allergies, and itching are two common complaints. Many dogs often lick or scratch themselves due to itchiness that could cause inflammation, injury, infection, or other significant problems. There are so many possible causes why your dog might have itchy skin or allergies.

No pet owner likes to see their four-legged furry companion being uncomfortable due to allergic reactions or itchiness. Common cures and medications are sometimes ineffective or even produce unintended side effects. It’s when you can use CBD for your dog as a simple way to ease your friend’s itchy skin or allergies. For instance, CBD pet treats for dogs are a fun way to give your pup cannabinoids and help manage their allergies or itchiness.

This guide will explore how CBD can help your dog with allergies and itchy skin.

What causes Itching in Dogs?

Every four-legged furry pet loves a good scratch. Dogs either wait patiently for their owners to give them a loving rub or use their hind legs to get the sweet spot. You need not be concerned due to the occasional itch. However, extreme or excessive itching can be a common issue many dogs deal with throughout their lives. 

Dogs are susceptible to allergies and itchy skin because of many factors.

  • Dog Allergies

Yes, your four-legged companion can also have allergies, which could affect its immune system. Many environmental factors, like mold, pollen, dander, and chemicals, can cause allergic reactions. 

In addition, your dog can also develop a food allergy from certain ingredients. It can also be allergic to dust or bug bites. Skin allergies in dogs can also cause inflammation, greasy skin, itchiness, and fur loss.

  • Hygiene issues

Dogs are not the best pets when it comes to cleaning themselves. While you can hop your dog in the shower regularly, often you might not have enough time to bathe them, causing them itchiness. Moreover, every breed has different hygiene requirements and restrictions. So, you should know your dog’s hygiene regimen to maximize cleanliness and minimize itchiness.

  • Parasites

Tiny parasites on your dog’s body can cause skin irritation and itchiness due to their bites and movements. Fleas are also a considerable risk for dogs, especially those who spend most time outside.

  • Stress

Although dogs are usually a happy-go-lucky type of pets, some of them can also be deeply sensitive. Such dogs possess complex and tricky emotions, especially for their owners. 

For instance, extended periods of alone time can increase their emotional discomfort and stress. And often, stress contributes to physical symptoms, including itchiness and other odd behavior.

How can Hemp Help with Dog Allergies and Itchiness?

Hemp or hemp derived CBD products are popular for humans to treat allergies and other skin conditions. So, it is no surprise that hemp can also be used by other mammals, including dogs. The anti-inflammatory properties of compounds from the hemp plant can prevent chronic inflammation that can weaken your let’s immune system.

How can CBD help Dogs with Allergies and Itchiness?

You might have heard of CBD’s benefits in treating allergies and itchy skin. Even if the effects of CBD products are mild, many dog owners have reported they positively affect dogs’ allergies and itchiness in the long run.

Knowing how CBD works can help you understand how CBD can help with allergies and itching:

CBD has a calming factor

CBD is popular in the health and wellness industry due to its calming effect on users, including dogs. Moreover, CBD deals with environmental stressors contributing to dogs’ itchiness.

CBD provides skin support

Many CBD products, like CBD pet drops, can offer skin-supporting benefits to your dog. You can maintain your pet’s skin moisture content and general health with CBD. It could result in less itching for your pup.

Natural resistance

High-quality CBD products for dogs are formulated to promote normal bodily functions and the body’s natural resistance against diseases and illnesses to maintain general wellness. These natural resistances further assist with itch-related skin problems and help keep your dog healthy for a long time.

What CBD Products are Best for Dogs with Allergies and Itchiness?

CBD oils for dogs

CBD oils can be a simple yet effective method to treat your dog’s allergy and itchiness. This liquid hemp extract mixed with vegetable or food oil is available in small, concentrated bottles. You just need to give your dog a few CBD pet drops either sublingually or by mixing them in their food. It will help fix your pet’s itchy issues and allergic reactions and provide a new sense of calm.

CBD balms for dogs

Although CBD is effective when eaten, your dog can absorb the product through its skin. You can easily find CBD balms for pups with dry skin, scabs, or itchiness. Just rub the balm on your dog’s body where it feels itchy or has an allergic reaction. Additionally, CBD balm can provide support for your pet’s joint health. 

CBD treats for dogs

Are you looking for a fun way to give your furry friend cannabinoids? If so, consider getting CBD pet treats for dogs. It’s easier to measure the dosage for CBD pet treats and they taste good. Thus, it will be easier for you to give cannabinoids to your dog. CBD soft chews are cold-pressed and maintain all naturally-occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds of hemp. In addition to treating itchiness and allergic reactions in dogs, these treats can also enhance their overall well-being.

Final Words

Every pet owner wants the best for their four-legged, happy-go-lucky furry companions. If your pup suffers from environmental or seasonal allergies and itching, help it say goodbye to all-day scratching with CBD. Any CBD product could be highly effective depending on the causes of your dog’s allergy and itchiness. 

The benefits of CBD might be apparent in less than an hour. But it depends on how much CBD and the form of CBD you have given to your pup. Furthermore, consider getting a CBD product from a reliable online store to get high-quality products.