Catering business insurance

The catering service is usually a very important part of the organization of almost any event. A quality catering service can make the difference between the success and failure of the event. Catering business insurance is mandatory for the type of service provided by catering companies to be in possession of Civil Liability Insurance that covers the different risks to which said companies or self-employed professionals are exposed.

Civil Liability Insurance coverage for catering and banquets

The coverages that we can contract in civil liability insurance for catering and banquets are the following:

Exploitation Civil Liability Insurance

Basic guarantee that covers any material or personal damage caused to third parties due to the development of our catering activity. Thus, for example, it would give us coverage for any damage that one of our hired waiters could cause to a client while performing the service or the financial consequences for not serving a contracted service to a client and originate the cancellation of the event.

Rental Liability Insurance

It guarantees the damages in the premises where the catering service is carried out.

Subsidiary Civil Liability Insurance

This coverage would be activated when, not being directly responsible for damage caused to a third party, we could have the obligation to assume said responsibility. For example, it could be the case that the damage was produced by a company subcontracted by the catering to support you with a service and that it did not have its liability insurance in force or was not sufficient to assume the cost of the damage.

Legal defense, bonds and other expenses

The legal defense coverage covers the legal expenses caused by the judicial claim of an affected third party as well as the bonds established by the court in anticipation of the damages caused.

Employer Civil Liability Insurance

With the subscription of a civil liability policy for events we also have the possibility of having possible liabilities on our employees or subcontractors covered in an extra way. Any personal injury suffered by our employees while performing their work would be covered.

Cross Liability Insurance

This coverage is optional and covers the civil liability of companies or professionals subcontracted to each other.

Civil Liability Insurance for products or finished works or services

With an optional subscription, this coverage becomes essential and almost mandatory for a catering company since, for example, it would cover the possible intoxication of customers or event attendees due to a poor condition of our products.

Criminal bonds

With this coverage, the bonds that derive from some type of liability that could be considered a criminal offense are guaranteed.

In addition to civil liability insurance, catering companies must have insurance that also covers other important aspects of the business insurance such as the risks of fire, theft, damage to machinery, damage to property, damage to business vehicles, accidents, and refrigerated goods. , Infidelity of employees, loss of profit or loss of benefits, attendance, etc.

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