Keyboard launchpads are great conveniences when making music because it allows you to perform repeated tasks. For example, the music equipment lets you assign different sounds in various parts of your composition and other keys. 

You use this MIDI controller for studio recordings, live sessions, and various music events requiring multiple sounds. More often, a keyboard launchpad has a bespoke control surface with different keys assigned to a particular sound. 

For example, you can assign drums on the octopod, guitar plucking, piano rhythms, or combine the sounds to create a unique harmony. It is ideal to use launchpads when an instrument player is absent, but a composition requires the sound. 

Understanding the Nature of a Music Launchpad

Technically, a launchpad is not an instrument because it does not create sound. However, pianos and guitars are musical instruments because they have a unique sound contributing to a composition’s artistic and rhythm. 

A music launchpad is a MIDI controller (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) which sends data to a connected computer. The software assigns data to each key where the pad triggers the sound when hit. 

For example, you can connect the keyboard launchpad to a Synth VST or a piano and simultaneously play chords and melodies without the aid of an actual instrument. Instead, you generate independent sounds via programming. Generally, a music launchpad works. But, however you choose to, it needs a connection to a digital audio workstation. 

The Advantages of Using a Music Launchpad 

A keyboard launchpad cannot replace a real instrument because it cannot create the same sound as the original instrument. Although it can mimic musical instruments, you need to program and reprogram the grid for it to work.

Understandably, there you also more than a few benefits of using this professional tool. It can be used for a wide range of live shows and events, particularly where a field of melodies is required. 

  • Create and mix electronic music
  • Program and reprogram the launchpad at your convenience.
  • Choose a variety of beats, melodies, vocals, and bass lines.
  • Record and share your compositions.
  • Pair the device with a high-end tool or software for greater flexibility. 
  • Experiment with sounds and music of the different genres.

One of the best things about a keyboard launchpad is its ability to let you tweak tempos and adjust keys at your preference. In addition, it means a greater power to create unique sounds and pick elements to create a different music style. 

Choosing the Right Music Launchpad

Choosing a launchpad depends on many factors, including your level of expertise and where you use the MIDI controller. The first launchpad prototype appeared in the late 2000s used in the underground music scene. Nowadays, there are various choices as launchpads are getting better recognition in mainstream music.

If you are just on the level of familiarizing the keys, start with a 64-pad grid and work your way up the ladder as your skill progress. Launchpad minis are more compact and portable if you are always on the move and would instead want something easily transportable. 

You can choose an XL series with better functionality, enhanced controls, and various enhancements if you are a pro. For example, the XL series has more rules and a better layout for sound, effects, and instrument manipulation.