The food industry deals with many different food items, from frozen to liquid, fresh to dry. Each of these food items has various problems when it comes down to packaging solutions. Generally, the packaging solutions need to fall in conformity with the food hygiene laws of the country. Whereas other elements are also added in such packaging solutions, making them more visually appealing, customer-friendly, and retaining the reputation of a particular company.

Custom Food packaging has various factors which make the experience of a certain food item quite pleasurable as well as relaxing for the customers. This article is going to cater to the problems offood packagingand its solutions.


One of the major points of concern for the customer when choosing a particular food product is the satisfaction of its protection. If the food item is encased in substandard packaging and is at the risk of having being affected by external or internal elements, the customer is less likely to buy that product.

But, the nature of packaging also depends upon the nature of the food item. If it is a fresh food item that is to be provided to the customer right away, it doesn’t necessarily have to be encased in materials like glass, aluminum, plastic, etc., which are specifically designed to protect the food items from chemical influences like pathogens, rodents, exposure to gases like oxygen.

Hence, we can establish that Food packaging differs for fresh as well as dry products. Each requires different forms of protection. One may need protection against chemical influences, while others may require protection against physical influence. Let us take an example of French Fry packaging. In its Fresh form, the French fry box template has to be designed so that the handling of the box should be easier.

This might be executed by designing French Fry Box templates without a lid or with a sliding flapper etc. In its dry form, which is usually frozen, the French fry packaging should have protection from chemical influences and the packaging’s ability to sustain itself in cold environments. This is achieved through plastic packaging with a wax coating.


Custom food packaging should be functional, but what does that exactly entail. It is a known fact that a packaging solution is supposed to contain the products, provide protection and an aesthetic value to them. Many believe that this is what is meant by functionality when its grounds food packaging is assessed. So, one can broaden the grounds of what constitutes functionality in food packaging. For example, companies like Starbuck and Dunkin Donuts have released coffee cups with a sugar and spoon holder. These are the added functional elements that grab the attention of the customers.

Visual Appeal:

To increase the visual appeal of food packaging, there are two different ways. The first one is to design your food packaging box in such a manner that it increases its aesthetic appeal. For example, If the packaging box for tomatoes ketchup is designed in the shape of tomato or if an apple juice container is designed in the shape of a half-eaten apple, the experience of the customer with the food item shall be altered. This alteration might prove to be quite ecstatic.

Another factor in increasing the visual appeal of your Food packaging is through the printing of beautiful graphic illustrations, prints, and logos. Printing is usually used on custom packaging boxes to maximize the marketing and branding strategies of different companies. It also increases the visual appeal of the goods in question. Customers are more likely to opt for a product with impeccable graphic illustrations and exotic colors rather than boring and cliché prints. Hence a custom food packaging box with catchy phrases, humorous animated characters, or eccentric designs might increase sales.

Right Fit for Your Food Packaging Needs:

One can claim with certainty that food packaging requires a lot of precision and understanding of the food industry to produce perfect and befitting food packaging solutions. The market of packaging companies is flooded with options beyond one’s comprehension, but finding the perfect fit for your Food packaging solutions can prove to be quite a challenging task. After in-depth research and review of a plethora of different companies, we have come across one of the best food packaging vendors in the US. The Legacy Printing has quite accurately set the legacy and a precedent for the perfect packaging and printing solutions in the years to come.

The Legacy printing provides the delivery of its services all across the US. Hence without the responsibility of finding yourself a packaging solution in your nearby proximity, you can focus on your packaging needs mode. The company has a fast and efficient customer service team. The team effectively conveys your demands and ideas to the production teams.

In case of any hindrance regarding the thorough conveyance of ideas, the customer service team puts you in direct contact with the production team. Additionally, the customer service team and the production team also provide you with free guidance and direction regarding your packaging needs.

The production team has been well selected and consists of a team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals. These professionals know what your packaging needs are, especially when it comes to food products. Some researchers are responsible for researching the complexities of packaging solutions regarding your food item in the production team. The creative team then formulates a blueprint of the design, which is approved by the clients and then forwarded for mass manufacture.

A strict quality check policy in place ensures the production of all the units with the highest quality. Last but not least, the company is well known in the packaging industry due to its provision of high-level printing services. The company owns a number of high-level printers using excellent quality inks and other resources, making the results long-lasting, beautiful, and striking.

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