Delta 8 is one of the hundreds of healthy cannabinoids produced by the cannabis sativa plant. The discovery of the cannabinoid system in the human body is still being studied by scientists but that hasn’t stopped the flood gates from opening. 

People often wonder what to look for in delta 8 gummies online. They are helping relieve and manage stress, promote better sleep, relieve pain and with many other potential benefits to help people live better lives. If you’re just getting started shopping for these little health aids, here’s what to look for in delta 8 gummies to buy online.

Agriculture Methods

When shopping for delta 8 gummies to buy online, the first thing to look for is that they advertise their agriculture methods. The manufacturer will not be able to produce a high quality product without top of the line procedures. The best manufacturers will describe their procedures on their website and tell you generally where their products are grown. It’s always best to stick with delta 8 gummies and buy online products which are grown and processed in America. 

Processing and Extraction

Processing and extraction methods vary greatly between manufacturers. When shopping for delta 8 gummies buy online, look for manufacturers who avoid harsh chemicals in their processing and manufacturing methods. Harsh chemicals can be dangerous to the end user and damage the delicate terpenes which are so important to the effects of the delta 8 gummies. They can also prevent the coveted entourage effect. Processing and extraction methods should meet or exceed industry standards without the use of dangerous chemicals.


Bioavailability describes the rate at which your body can absorb the delta 8. Larger particles are hard to absorb making smaller particles ideal for optimum absorption. A product with higher bioavailability will be absorbed into the bloodstream faster with less waste.  When shopping for delta 8 gummies online, look for products with particles 60 nanometers or smaller. You’ll feel the effects faster using less product meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

3rd Party Testing

The best delta 8 gummies buy online will be independently tested by a third party for purity and potency. Most delta 8 products advertise some type of testing but independent testing by an outside party is the only way to ensure the certificate of analysis is authentic. The best delta 8 gummies online will have a link or contact information to the independent lab who did their 3rd party testing somewhere near their certificate of analysis because their methods will be completely transparent. 

Delta 8 Gummies Buy Online

The best place to purchase high quality delta 8 gummies is online where you can conduct your research and compare prices before making a purchase. Be sure to consider a company’s manufacturing methods along with their processing and extraction methods to ensure they aren’t using any harsh chemicals. Then look at a product’s bioavailability and be sure the company offers a certificate of analysis from an independent lab conducting 3rd party testing. When a company meets these standards, then they’re probably a good place to start for your delta 8 gummies buy online.