A smooth, continuous sidewalk wide enough to accommodate users is a very common requirement. There are several factors behind a good sidewalk aside from your building, but to be recognized as a good sidewalk, it must meet three criteria: suitable width, a buffer between the sidewalk and street and proper level sidewalks. 

It should be wide enough that it can easily allow two people to walk side by side and good level to accommodate wheelchair users. However, with the passing of time, wear and tear can also damage these sidewalks, causing uneven surfaces, cracks, potholes, and potential hazards. This is where a professional Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn comes in. They can fix all types of sidewalk issues including uneven or broken sidewalks.

Following are some of the common sidewalk issues that need repair.


Cracks in the sidewalks could be caused by several factors, but often it is caused by change in the temperature. Tree roots growing under the sidewalks can also cause a crack as they push through the sidewalk. While repairs can solve this problem easily, it is necessary to keep an eye on these trees’s growth to keep this problem arise again in the future.


Everyone has seen potholes in the road and unluckily, sidewalks are also vulnerable in the same way. These potholes are caused when its support system or can say the soil beneath the sidewalk gets washed away. As there is no support down the sidewalk, its structural strength gets weakened, and you need to look for Sidewalk Repair Queens. 


Spalling, commonly known as “flaking,” occurs when the smooth upper layer of a sidewalk wears away. That exposes a gritty layer over the sidewalk surface which looks patchy. Unfortunately, flaking typically leads to even more flaking. And while it also has many sources, it’s generally due to poor mixed raw materials. At the first time of installation, the poor settling of the sidewalk or the expansion of any moisture that’s trapped inside the surface can also cause spalling of the sidewalks.     

Accessibility issues

Easy accessibility of sidewalks is a fair issue because it is not caused by any kind of deterioration. Instead, it is because of the wrong design. If someone is in a wheelchair, he/she will require an adequate width of the sidewalk along with the ramp close to the parking spaces. So, it is required that sidewalks are designed accordingly to assist people who are unable to walk. 

Sidewalk repair regulars in Brooklyn, NYC

There is a very strict regulation in Brooklyn, NYC regarding the sidewalks. Property owners are accountable for the repairing of sidewalks nearby to their buildings. They must get the sidewalk repaired within 45 days of getting a violation notice; otherwise, they can fall into a major fine as well as legal action against them.

Hiring a sidewalk repair contractor

Maintaining sidewalks is one of the crucial responsibilities of building owners and managers. Hiring an amateur contractor can result in shabby workmanship and the need for expensive repairs. Therefore, it is advised to make your research before and hire a reputed and experienced contractor offering comprehensive sidewalk repair services in Brooklyn. Choose a contractor by considering some factors like reputation, experience, license, and competitive pricing so the repairs are done efficiently. 

NYC Sidewalk Contractor is one of the reputed contractors in the Brooklyn serving the client for several years. By hiring this team, you will feel confident about your choice as they have good track records with their previous clients. Their team ensures you deliver the best results by providing a cost-effective and durable repair service to make your sidewalk back in shape and that too within your deadline and budget.