The use of electronic money and payment systems is increasing every year. PayPal and PerfectMoney are especially popular. How the exchange of funds between them is set up will be discussed further in this article.

Not so long ago, a new payment system (PS) appeared – PerfectMoney. This PS is a unique financial instrument that works only with 3 world units of payment: euro, dollar, and gold. Like other online bankers, the functions are the same: transfer funds, pay bills, withdraw money to a bank card, etc. The main advantages include low commission, no additional software (everything happens through the browser), and high security. Many compare it with PayPal and WebMoney. But little has been written about how the interaction between these systems occurs. Therefore, this article will look at how to exchange Perfect Money to PayPal and vice versa. Read more here

How to find a site for transferring funds from Perfect to PayPal

The main currency with which PayPal works is the US dollar. Many “money changers” transfer funds for a modest percentage. The difficulty of transferring from PerfectMoney USD to PayPal is to find an exchanger that meets the requirements:

  • low margin (favorable exchange rate);
  • displaying the reliability of the “exchanger” (based on customer reviews);
  • clear display of the course.

Searching for such a “conversion point” on your own takes a long time, and there is no guaranteed result. To do this, we recommend using the services of the portal where you will find the selection of reliable exchanger services. At its core, the resource collects up-to-date information from all exchange portals and provides it to visitors, displaying information according to the criteria that have been announced. Thanks to such monitoring, exchanging PerfectMoney for PayPal becomes much easier and faster. Let’s look at how this works in life.

Transfer money from Perfect Money to a PayPal account

After switching to bestchange, the user will find a table of offers with clear column names (“Give”, “Receive”, “Reserve”, etc.), which display the main information. We choose a profitable rate by following the link to the currency exchange/transfer site. Next, go to the transfer site, enter the amount of the converted currency, and follow the instructions. On average, the transfer cost ranges from 0.5% (for verified users) to 1.99% for those who refuse to go through this procedure.

At the same time, due to the popularity of this portal, we recommend that you check the address bar and exchangers

Money withdrawal from PayPal to an account in PerfectMoney

This procedure is the reverse of the one described above. At the same time, according to the portal and many other Anglo-American currency exchange units, they claim that no more than 10 currency exchange sites can be reliable. The rest are obvious traps for scammers. It follows that it is much easier to transfer Perfect Money dollars to the Pay Pal USD set than vice versa.

The average transaction fee percentage is 17.51%, significantly higher than the previous case. But it is also worth because the possibility of transferring funds is not unlimited. The reserve can range from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. According to statistics, the average amount is $450-500 used to make purchases. This leads to a simple conclusion – using PayPal or PayPal dollars is rational for making purchases, but not as an opportunity to withdraw funds to your card.


As a conclusion, we can say that the interaction between PayPal and Perfect Money is configured in only one direction – for transferring money to a PayPal account. In other cases, it is not advisable and risky. In case of urgent need, you can use the “reverse” path. But in this case, the percentage for withdrawal of funds will be significant. But such an exchange rate can be recommended as a reliable “search engine for Internet exchangers” portal – bestchange. The minimum that any user can get is monitoring the market for online currency exchange services and learning about the reliability of the “farmer”, based on the assessment of former clients.