You care about making a great first impression on your customers, and the way they feel about your business involves more than just face to face interactions. When your customers see that you put office cleanliness at the top of your to-do list, they’ll know that you’re organized, responsible, and capable of getting the job done right.

Here, we’ll take a look at some tips to help you create a great first impression on customers when they walk into your office.

Do A Ten Second Scan Each Morning

It’s easy to get used to clutter and maintenance issues when you spend every day in your office. Each morning when you walk into your office, take a quick, ten-second scan to see what jumps out, and take care of any issues. Getting in the habit of checking for (and taking care of) clutter, dust, and stains can help you continually make the best possible impression on every person who walks into your business.

Set A Schedule

While you’ll want to keep an eye out for day to day issues in your office, setting a cleaning schedule can also help stop cleaning tasks from piling up. You’ll want to decide whether it makes more sense to handle cleaning tasks on a rotating basis with your staff, or if you’d rather hire an outside cleaning crew to get the job done.

Get Tidy AND Clean

Making a good first impression isn’t just about a tidy space (although that helps) — you’ll also want to make sure that your office is deep cleaned regularly. Walls, carpets, and furniture all need to be cleaned in order to prevent odors and unsightly dirt from making a negative impression on your customers.

Don’t Try To Manage Office Carpet Cleaning Alone — Reach Out To The Pros

At SteamEx, we know that you want to create a comfortable, clean environment for your customers, and we’re here to help. Our commercial carpet cleaning services are the perfect solution to ensure that your floors create a great first impression. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your office looking great.