The days are getting tougher with the pandemic crises that have taken the whole world under its wings. All the countries around the world are getting affected by it, there are millions of people who lost their lives due to it. In such a situation of hustle and bustle where everyone is trying to make their end meets and trying to save their jobs and money by staying at home and trying to keep up with remote work from home situations. A good internet connection is nothing more than a blessing. We understand your difficulty and need, so we will provide you with all the necessary details about the 5 best internet providers and their packages that will be ideal for your usage.

We are listing down the 5 top-ranked internet service providers in the United States, all the internet service providers that we are mentioning which include Spectrum internet, AT&T internet, CenturyLink DSL internet, COX, and Xfinity. Stay tuned and let’s get started.

A) The Spectrum broadband Internet and their packages:

Spectrum offers 3 different internet speed tiers. The minimum speed varies for a different location, to know about the exact speed that you can have at your address, you will be required to dial the Spectrum customer service phone number and provide their customer service rep your accurate address where you want to get the internet services and they will tell you the exact speed that you can have in their basic package.

We’ll let us inform you that the base speed can either be 100 Mbps per sec or 200 Mbps per sec but the speed will vary from location to location. You can have 400 Mbps per second which is called the Ultra-Internet package and it goes up to 1 gig. You can choose any internet speed that is suitable according to your usage. Spectrum allows you to choose and change your internet speed and package at any point.

Free App and Free Wi-Fi:

Once you sign up for Spectrum services their representative will give you your account number. You can download the Spectrum App from your App Store for free and by adding your account number you will create your username and password. This is the best way to monitor your usage and keep a check on your equipment, you can also save time by making your monthly payments through your App.

Once you have made your account you will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi internet services even when you are traveling or away from home by connecting your mobile phone, tablets, or laptops with the Wi-Fi hotspots placed within different cities and states. There is more than 1000 Wi-Fi hotspot through which you can have internet by turning your Wi-Fi services on your device at any time, this is absolutely free of cost.

Spectrum also gives a no-contract policy and free internet modem but for the Wi-Fi router.  You will also be able to keep services for as long as you like without paying any early termination fee.

B) AT&T internet:

AT&T is the top-ranked internet provider that is providing internet services for more than 30 years. They have millions of users around the United States. You can have AT&T internet services at a discounted rate by making a call or their customer service number. The maximum internet speed that you can get with them is 100 Mbps per sec and it will cost you less on promotional discount. You will get an amazing Gateway router that gives amazing signal coverage all around your home but it will cost around $20 approximately on top.

C) CenturyLink Internet

The top-ranked internet that uses DSL technology is Century Link. They offer amazing discounted rates, The internet speed varies for each location. You may contact their sales department to find out the exact option you might have. There are no contracts required and if you plan to cancel the services, you will not have to pay any early termination fee to them. You just need to have an active phone jack to get their internet services installed.  All the internet packages offered by CenturyLink internet are unlimited. You can browse, stream, work without worrying about the internet data limit.

D) COX Communication

One of the top-ranked broadband internet providers is COX. If you have their cable services and your contract is about to end you can add their internet services and have new discounts, this is the best feature of COX internet services, you will be required to sign up for their 2 or 1-year contract and if you plan to avoid that then you will be required to pay a certain amount of deposit that their customer service rep will tell. You can have high-speed internet of 100 Mbps at a promotional discount.

E) Xfinity Internet

They are also a cable internet provider but you can also get a fiber optic internet connection with them if out. You can have 100 Mbps high-speed internet for almost $35 approximately, you just need to contact their customer service rep on “” to have the exact details of the internet packages for your address.

Wrapping up

You need a high-speed internet for your daily tasks. Make sure that you make the right choice and get an ISP that is according to your requirements.