Not everyone is lucky to have a perfect nail shape, as in examples of nail salons. But this is not a reason to feel bad. Because there are ways to get the perfect nail look! The main thing is to choose a design that will decorate your hands properly.

Many girls cannot boast of an elongated and symmetrical shape of nails. Some complain about a too wide nail bed, others about the inability to grow even the minimum length, and still others about a too quickly overgrown and rough cuticle. Sometimes all this even becomes the reason for the rejection of a long-term coating – after all, with a bright nail polish, the nails do not look as attractive as we would like.

However, the nail industry does not stand still. The main goal of the masters is to get as many clients as possible. This means coming up with solutions that suit everyone and decorate problematic nails. And it really works!

We’ve rounded up 5 easy nail designs that can enhance oddly shaped nails. 

Dried Flowers

Nude nail polishes are the main recommendation for problem nails. And combined with a small and uncomplicated design, it looks great. The main thing is to place more details in the center of the nail in order to distract attention from the width of the bed.

Micro French

Micro French was originally designed for girls with short nails who like French manicures. Try to make it in a brilliant shade: after all, beautiful shine can improve any situation! Use your amazing and beautiful nails to enter the 22Bet mobile app to bet on your favorite team.

Corner French

If you have a desire to experiment with shape and length, you can try a beveled French manicure. He will visually make the nails narrower – and, of course, create the illusion of an impressive length.

Minimalism With Extension

Nude base and small details in the center will create a discreet and long-lasting manicure that will look fresh for many weeks.

Pull Effect

Asymmetric psychedelic designs aimed at lengthening nails deserve a place in this collection. Thanks to the free edges, the nails will appear narrower and more elegant. In addition, due to the difference between the elements of the picture, such a manicure looks interesting and attracts attention.