Healthy Foods
Healthy vegetarian food background. Vegetables, hummus, pesto and lentil curry with tofu.

Don’t eat after six, don’t eat white bread and sweets – and other popular myths about healthy eating that we intend to debunk. In the following article, you will read some of them.

Healthy Eating is When You Do Not Eat After 6 PM

Probably one of the most common myths is that supposedly you can’t eat after six in the evening, and until that time you can do whatever you want. That is, if at five minutes past seven you felt a terrible urge to rush to the refrigerator, then you must definitely restrain it, otherwise, all efforts were in vain. In fact, nutritionists and fitness trainers advise not to eat fatty and high-calorie foods a few hours before bedtime, as the metabolism slows down during this period, but does not stop at all. Therefore, it will not hurt to have a snack with something light, and this snack will not affect the weight in any way. While playing at the 20 Bet website having a snack is always a good idea to enjoy yourself.

Black bread is Healthier Than White Bread

Another popular misconception is that black bread is allegedly healthier, healthier and less caloric than white wheat. This myth was refuted by Israeli biologists who conducted a study by gathering a group of twenty volunteers. Half of them ate black bread for two weeks, and the other half – white. Here it is worth mentioning that the subjects ate, of course, not only bread, it accounted for about a quarter of the calories from the total diet. Two weeks later, the groups changed. As a result, the first analysis of the collected data showed that white and black bread had approximately the same effect on the functioning of the body and almost did not change the functioning of metabolism. Of course, the reaction of the body to wheat and rye flour was different, but the use of one or another type of bread did not affect the microflora.

You Don’t Have to Eat Sweets to Lose Weight

Another myth about healthy eating is not to eat anything sweet. But as you know, sugar is found not only in chocolate or cake but also, for example, in fruits that are full of vitamins. Sugar is perceived by the body as an excellent product that is quickly absorbed and fills the body with energy. You do not need to completely reject it but eat in an amount sufficient to be healthy.