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Football betting has several specialised words. Today Fun88 will share Asian handicap betting tips through this article.

The House creates numerous various sorts of rafters for each match, but Asian handicap is mainly utilised in Asia. Read on for playing tips.

Asian handicap

Asian handicap is a handicap based on Asian bookmakers’ odds (game price) to assist bettors.

With handicap, Fun88 betting specialists research forthcoming matches and compute depending on many factors to estimate the match’s result, then create a wager for each door Players pick. Fun88’s calculations must be accurate to attract more gamers who can earn a lot of interest.

Handicap markets are developed mostly in Asia to estimate the strength of two teams and create a balance in the game from the players’ standpoint.


To play handicap, know the handicap ratio. First-time gamers will find Asian rafters tough to discern and gamble on. Fun88 has summarised some ratios.

Two teams have equal performance; neither accepts any team.

The team will take less than 1/4 ball on a half-ball field (odds 0-1/4). If the top team loses, the player loses the wager, while the bottom team wins all bets.

The house gives the squad with a handicap of 0.5 odds. In a tie, the top stake loses and the bottom bet wins.

Handicap 1, over accepts lower. If the winning side wins by 2 goals, wager on the full bet, and vice versa.

Fun88 gambling tips:

Most tiny handicap bets favour the home team. Stronger team matchups exist. When the handicap is against the home team, pick 0.5 to 1 if the two teams are not equal.

Professionals on Fun88 generally wager in rounds while playing Asian handicap betting. Bets placed by a player are a more accurate estimation of their team’s victory probability.

Players should wager on hot, critical matchups. Players may pick key matches, tournament championships, or matchups many brothers bet on.


With their expertise and experience, Fun88 players may simply recognise which team is strong and which is weak in the Asian betting market.

You understand handicap and Asian handicap on Fun88 at BET88, right? In addition to the aforementioned races, there are various sorts of rafters and different odds ratios. I hope you choose well.