Assignment Help Pakistan has been quite busy in the search to answer the most asked question by teenagers and adolescents and basically from everyone that is a fond lover of Netflix. The question was what is the best season available on Netflix to watch? Well, the answer is UNKNOWN. Because no one can really answer this question. Well, we all know that Netflix has been a real life savior for all of us whether it comes down to avoid a heart break or a cancelled plan with friends. Or be it a chance to relax us down from exams tension NETFLIX covered us all the times.

But, for a person who is new to the hype of Netflix it becomes really hard to actually the very first season or Netflix movie. Now as we all pros can relate that no one can fix their Netflix favorite in the very first go it takes a lots of failures to fix few favorites that we can binge watch every weekend.

But today’s topic revolves around what shows are the best on Netflix. Well, if we hear about ratings then there are many shows and movies that are Netflix originals but again those belong from different genera. For everyone there is something on Netflix it comes down to personal preferences.

Whether the person in question is really into comedy then as per ratings a good place is a good option. If anyone is fond of psychological thriller then there is a platform, the stranger, the sinner and the list goes on and on. If we talk about horror then the haunting of hill house and the Bly manor goes top on the list. As, said earlier the list really depends upon the person.

Well, if you are in the mood to experiment with your choice and taste, then in the genre of drama, robbery, and crime then Money Heist is your pick. The show is originally a Spanish show but dubbed in almost 3 languages respectively English, Hindi and French. If you are up for history then the resurrection of Ertugal Ghazi, and the crown are your options.

A very nice point that gives Netflix an edge over personal DVD’s is the flexibility of the platform to have bibliographical documentaries, and real life stories of celebrities as well. Well, Brazilian call girl is another option available in the genre that fits well in the category of real life documentaries along with do not fuck with cats.

Lastly, some of our personal favorites of Netflix originals for you are here namely: Lucifer, Coco melon, Black Summer, Umbrella Academy, the chilling adventures of Sabrina, River dale and the list cannot really stop!

Just do yourself some favor and get a Netflix account from any of your friend or family member. Because in all honesty who actually purchases a Netflix account? Hop on to the app search for the genre that you will be most intrigues by or else go to most popular tabs and we hope that you can spot some of your favorites. Or else if nothing falls for your choice then Stranger things is another option that will definitely make you binge watch Netflix this coming weekend!