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What is the cause of baldness in men?

Most male hair loss is due to male pattern baldness. Hair loss in this disorder typically begins with a pattern of thinning at the front of the head. The apex of the head is another possible starting point. Androgenetic alopecia is another name for this illness.

Male pattern baldness is a frequent condition among males of reproductive age. Yet, it is not limited to the tween and adolescent years and often becomes more noticeable as one gets older. It has 7 distinct levels. The hair loss is barely evident in the first stage, but it becomes more obvious in the second when the center scalp and the hairline on top begin to recede. Third-stage hair loss is characterized by a receding hairline and thinning hair on the vertex or crown.

At the fourth stage, you can see the thinning hair and eventual baldness, especially towards the back of your head. The hair loss in the frontal and crown regions is clearly separated by a bridge of quite thick hair. At the fifth and final phase, the bridge is at its narrowest. At the sixth stage, this bridge no longer exists, and the balding progresses to the temples and nape of the neck. As pattern baldness reaches its seventh stage, the whole top of the scalp is bald.

If you want a long-term answer, you might look into getting a hair transplant. Plugs of hair are not transferred from one area of the scalp to another during this technique. Permanent, natural-looking outcomes from a hair transplant are now possible.

Here’s what to anticipate if your dermatologist suggests platelet-rich plasma therapy. After drawing some blood, the sample would be processed via a device that separates the RBCs from the plasma. The next step is to inject your plasma into your scalp. Around 10 minutes is needed for this. Injections are required, so you’ll have to come back. You’ll have a monthly check-in for the first three months. You then come back after three to six months.

Hair loss treatment options available from The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Schedule a visit to the The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic if you’re ready to take action against hair loss. The cause of your hair loss can be identified by a hair loss specialist. This is significant since there are several therapies for balding that should be pursued according on the reason.