Now that we’re aware of how harmful smoking can be for our health, many of us are instead opting for SlickVape’s wax vaporizer collection..

There is no denying it’s better to vape than it is to smoke, but I believe that anything we put into our body, we need to be aware of the consequences.

Today, we’ll be looking at the potential health impacts of vaping.

Better than smoking

I’m not writing this article to discourage vaping. Ever since vaping has become an option, the number of smokers have plummeted. And as a result, the number of people with smoking-related issues has fallen.

When you smoke, all of that black tar will attach itself to your lungs and put carbon monoxide into your blood. This is going to give you trouble breathing and increase your chances of getting lung cancer.

In the past, smoking was encouraged as we didn’t know this. But now, people are smoking less and opting for healthier alternatives.

Increased Heart Rate

The first negative impact that vaping can have is an increased heart rate. For most people, this isn’t going to happen. But if you have a pre-existing heart condition, your chances of vaping negatively impacting your heart rate are going to increase.

The introduction of extra steam into your body is going to cause your heart to beat faster, which will increase the probability of having a stroke.

This is going to impact older people more than it will younger people, as younger people tend to have healthier hearts anyway.

Increased Blood Pressure

A lot of the time, an increased heart rate is going to cause an increase in blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to the speed at which the blood is travelling around the body.

If this happens too quickly, it can impact how well our organs can function. Again, people with pre-existing conditions are going to be more susceptible to getting high blood pressure. Most of these people are going to be of the older generation.

If you choose to vape, there are things you can do to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, such as having a good diet and regular meditation.

Damaging to Liver

Many of the E-Liquids used in vapes will contain chemicals that you will naturally find in sugar. Just like with sugar, these chemicals can have an impact on our liver.

The purpose of the liver is to clean our blood and make sure it’s only oxygen that’s getting to our organs, no chemicals it doesn’t need.

Of course, our body does need some sugar, but too much can cause us to have higher blood pressure, increased adipose tissue, and lower energy levels.

Before buying an E-Liquid, it would be wise to look at what chemicals are in there.

Nictoine and other chemicals

One of the main reasons people will opt for vaping instead of smoking is the fact it doesn’t contain nicotine.

 In case you aren’t aware, nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that makes them addictive.

However, there is an issue with opting for vaping instead of a nicotine replacement option. Sometimes, people can get an intense nicotine craving that causes them to go back to cigarettes.

Also, some vapes contain THC and other harmful chemicals.

If you have a nicotine addiction, it could be wise to get some patches or gum, rather than relying entirely on smoking.


As already mentioned, if you’re giving up smoking, vaping is a much safer alternative.

However, for those with pre-existing conditions, vaping can come with its own side effects. Before you begin vaping, make sure you’re aware of the impact it can have on you and your body.