Horse racing is one of the best sports to make money while enjoying the race. It’s a fast-paced event with numerous opportunities for everyone, even beginners. If you’re new to this sport, consider placing your money in a carryover pool.

Have you ever wondered what happens when there are no winners after a race? We’ve only ever thought about it. However, it does happen, and that’s why horse racing carryover was birthed. Find out more about horse racing carryover with the information listed below.

How Does Horse Racing Carryover Work?

A carryover is a money carried over from one horse racing pool to the next. This happens when there is more money bet on a race than the track can pay out. The extra money is then added to the next race’s purse, creating a carryover.

Carryovers often happen in Pick 6 and Pick 5 wagers, as well as the Jackpot High-5. You can find out what is a pick 5 carryover right after this section! These are wagers where players must select the winners of multiple races in order to win. If there is no winner in a particular race, the money in that pool is carried over to the next race.

Carryovers can create extremely high jackpots, sometimes reaching millions of dollars. This often happens in the Pick 6, as it is a very difficult wager to win. 

If you think that a particular horse has a good chance of winning, you can bet on that horse and get better odds than you would if there was no carryover. This is because the carryover money creates an incentive for bettors to pick the favorite.

Popular Bets During Carryover

The bets of an original race, especially those in this list, will be transferred to a carryover pool. It’s a straightforward way of getting your money. 

In a carryover, the bets that didn’t win in the original race will be carried over to the next race day. Among the popular carryover bets are:

Pick 4

Pick 4 involves choosing four pre-selected races on a previous track date. The horses in each of the four races must win to win your bet. It would be best if you remembered that the ticket for this bet would cost you more than its original cost. If you have a big budget for horse racing, you can opt to bet on more than four horses to secure your win. You can even bet on all of the contenders.

Pick 4 is another type of the several exotic bets you can place in horse racing. It’s similar to Daily Double; however, in Pick 4, you would pick four instead of two horses in races.

Pick 5 or Pick 6

Pick 5 or Pick 6 is far more challenging than Pick 4, since a punter would have to choose five to six horses that they predict will win each race. Like Pick 4, if the horses win in each race, you’ll also win! However, if no one wins all of these wagers, the carryover pool carries over to the next horse racing event again. This event is the reason why the pools can reach millions of dollars. 

As mentioned above, bettors can bet on all contenders to ensure victory. And actually, many contenders have been known to do that. While it may seem tempting to do that for your wagers, it’s not exactly a wise betting decision. It would cost you a lot of money, and you may bring home just a small portion of your winnings. Thus, you have to weigh the pros and cons of choosing all the horses if you want to win big. 

Super Hi 5 Jackpot or Pentafecta

Pentafecta is just like the bets mentioned above. To win this wager, you must correctly predict the winner of each race where you choose to participate. You’ll typically see these bets during Standardbreds or harness horse racing. Its difference with Thoroughbred horse racing is that Standardbets mostly have pacers are competitors, and they run about 30 miles an hour. On the other hand, thoroughbreds run about 40 to 45 miles per hour. 

Betting in standardbred horse racing can give you the chance to gain an enormous jackpot that can reach millions of dollars, especially if you bet using Pentafecta. Likewise, carryover bets offer enormous payouts, making them incredibly attractive to bettors. 

Still, like any bet, you must study the odds of your bets to boost your chances of winning.  

Final Thoughts

Betting on horse racing carryover allows beginners to place their bets with minimal risks, unlike typical horse racing. So if you’re a beginner and still leveling out the field, consider betting on the carryover this 2022.

Use the information above to learn about carryover and its value. In addition, wagering on the carryover pool has more benefits than traditional betting types. Thus, the next time you want to gamble on a horse race, try to place your money in the pools and see if you, too, can get lucky. There’s no harm in trying!