An excellent choice for you if you are finding any condominium. You can check here different options, in fact, the condo is interesting because it makes it easy to rent an apartment in Singapore that meets your preferences and budget.

There are spacious studios on high floors with sea views, and cozy bedroom apartments overlooking a large themed pool right inside the complex, and budget apartments in inexperienced buildings.

Another feature of the area is that you rent a condominium in Singapore not in a noisy part of the city, unlike in central Singapore, but at the same time you live close to a convenient traffic intersection. That is, there are no problems getting on the route tuk-tuk, but all the necessary infrastructure is there.

Below we will take a closer look at the most interesting options for buying a condo.

High-rise condominium on the first line

Basically, the finest is presented at the very beginning of Singapore as well as in the form of a series of buildings behind the street.

Almost all high-rise buildings are of considerable age and, at the same time, have good service. So before looking for a condo rental option, you must check Amber Sea details,  it is convenient to rent a condo here.

All buildings have a large swimming pool and good infrastructure, as on the ground floors, where commercial areas are located, enterprising Thais have opened cafes and restaurants, laundries and shops.

The new buildings lack commercial space but do have gyms or lounges on high floors.

Features of high-rise condominiums

  • Proximity to the sea for most projects.
  • Well-developed infrastructure right on the territory of the condominium.
  • Large and spacious apartments.
  • Possibility to rent an apartment with a beautiful sea view.

Best high-rise condominiums

One of the best projects at the beginning of Singapore. Direct access to the beach, a large area of ​​the condominium, a large number of cafes and shops right inside the condominium, large apartments 

High-rise project at the beginning of Singapore with direct access to the beach, spacious apartments, private infrastructure on the ground floor

Resort class condominiums in Singapore

If you are a family man and your choice is Singapore, it is better to rent and Check Amber Sea condominiums. In Singapore, they are mostly located along or behind the Jomtien second road.

Despite the distance to the sea, sometimes up to a kilometer, condominiums are very popular, especially among couples with small children.

Several low-rise buildings with a large interior area, where the pool, waterslides, and fitness room are located, make these projects particularly attractive.

Almost all apartments in such projects are 1-bedroom, with an area of ​​about 36 sq. M.

Most of the projects were built relatively recently, they look fresh and beautiful inside. Many have a shuttle service to the beach.

Features of resort condominiums in Singapore

  • Distance to the sea – it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind walking 10-15 minutes to the beach or plan to rent a vehicle
  • Large pools guarantee that everyone has enough space for long swims or swimming in splendid isolation
  • Cozy apartments with a living room and 1 bedroom. If in the living room the owner forked out for a folding sofa, the question of a sleeping place for a child immediately disappears.

Best Resort Condos

One of the first resort class projects in Singapore. This project can be called a classic of the genre: buildings, a very large swimming pool, a fitness room, and a restaurant right on the territory of the project.

Nearby convenience stores, bars, cafes, etc. To the sea 1 km 80 m. If you like the address: Singapore, renting accommodation is quite convenient in this area.

Budget projects in Singapore

If you want to spend your vacation comfortably, but are limited in funds, budget projects will come to the rescue. The main difference from the rest is in the external condition of the building and in the arrangement of apartments. So, you should check Canninghill piers’s details.

Not that the budget class condominiums looked very bad, they were just originally built with an eye to a certain price category and target audience, and in accordance with this, the project took into account materials for construction, infrastructure, decoration, and furnishing of apartments.

Accordingly, you will not find small pleasant details such as large pools and slides.

If these details don’t bother you and you just want to rent affordable housing, then budget condominiums are your choice.

The first project in the series is View. After a long debate among local ex-pats, the project was nevertheless credited to the projects of the Singapore area, although it is located slightly outside the area.

Here you can rent cheap apartments, there is a large swimming pool and many cafes and shops on the territory. It is very convenient to get to the city center.