Whether you’re wrongly charged for a crime or not, you may be put behind bars. Then, you need to know that you can get bail for a temporary release even when awaiting a trial in a court of law. According to an article published in the Huffington Post, it’s a constitutional right to get bail without refusal provided you have valid reasons to apply for bail. 

You need to appoint a lawyer to apply for bail and if the judge feels that you deserve a temporary release, you have some options to post your bail bond for a provisional release. Payment of cash to a court of law

You can get bail by paying cash to a court of law. For this option, make sure you have the amount of money required for a release. The payment should be in full cash directly to the particular court. In some dominions, a court of law may permit you to apply for bail through a property bond. In this case, your property will be used as collateral for the provisional release. 

Then, if the amount is quite high, you may not be able to post bail with a court of law by yourself. In such a scenario, look for a reliable bail bond agent near you. 

Get released on your recognizance 

You do not need to post bail as far as this option is concerned. You can try this option if you know that you can get released based on recognizance. It means that a judge will agree to release you from jail for some days or months while you wait for the result of a pending case. Can you bond yourself out of jail? Yes, but you need to abide by a few conditions for the temporary release. You do not need to pay anything if you choose to get a release on recognizance. The judge may release you if:

  • Do not have any criminal case previously
  • You pose no threat to society or yourself
  • You are part of the community, i.e., have a family and a home, and employed
  • You’re charged with a trivial crime

See if you can fulfill such conditions to get a release based on the judge’s discretion. That’s why being a good citizen matter. 

Work with a professional bail bond agent

To get yourself out of imprisonment, make sure you consult with a reliable and experienced bail bond agent. You can take help from your friend or family member outside to initiate the release. You will need to authorize that person to get a bond with your funds. You may also get a bond while you’re in jail provided the bail bond agent lets you do that. 

For the services of a bail bond agent, you will need to shell out a non-refundable fee. Usually, this fee is around 10 percent of the bail amount. 


So, these are some of the ways to get you out of imprisonment. You can pay the amount or work with an agent to initiate your temporary release.