The Manuka oil is a viable option to depend on to protect your skin from the adverse consequences of bacteria and other skin-damaging elements. Unlike other oils, Manuka has powerful skin protection properties, including anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features keeping your skin healthy and glowing. And when it comes to getting the oil, you can find it online or from your nearby oil store. But because you will come across many online platforms selling the oil and even stores claiming to have the perfect versions of Manuka oil, getting quality Manuka can be challenging.

So, to avoid confusion, shop for Manuka oil at ManukaRx. At ManukaRx, the Manuka oil is specifically for healthy skin and not just for cosmetic purposes like what you could get from most sellers. At the same time, most of the oil you get from ManukaRx is the highest quality you could need for satisfying results the first time, regardless of your skin type and tone. On top of that, let’s explore how you can get Manuka oil and the processes to extract and obtain it from its sources.

Buying the Oil Online

In today’s world, where a buyer’s decision has drastically changed, buying anything, including Manuka oil online, is a perfect option over conventional shopping. Purchasing the oil online lets you conduct extensive research before reaching out to the sellers. Plus, online stores have reviews and testimonials, allowing you to get a picture of the expected results. 

At the same time, if the best Manuka oil store isn’t from your home country or close to your residence, finding such a store online makes it affordable and effortless.  Ultimately, shopping for the oil online saves time for you and the retailer and increases the odds of getting it at affordable prices.

Buying Manuka From Physical Oil Stores

Depending on your budget and the urgency, getting the oil from a physical store is also a viable option. For example, if there are shipping and consignment delays after buying the oil online, getting it from a physical store could reduce the waiting time and shipping expenses.

Harvesting and Extracting the Oil

Depending on your budget and preferences, you could get the oil by harvesting and extracting it yourself. And because they are many ways to do this, let’s explore each process in detail.

Harvesting and Extracting the Oil From the Plant

The first step towards getting Manuka oil is harvesting and extracting it from its parent plant by pruning the tree branches. And the reason for doing this is to allow the tree to continue growing.  And once you prune the branches and allow them to settle for a few days to wilt.

Afterward, pack the foliage leaves into a still and boil them at a consistent temperature of about a hundred degrees maintained for about three hours. When done, get the oil by squeezing it from the heated leaves.

Getting the Oil Through Multiple Processes

For sustainability and the production of the highest quality Manuka oil, some of the processes you can implement include the following.

Cold Pressing and Expression

Cold pressing and expression almost mean the same processes. Through these procedures, you get the oil by pressing the extracted leaves under pressure, enabling you to get the oil effortlessly. 

Water Distillation

Immerse the Manuka plant matter in water and boil it through this process. When done correctly, the oil separates itself from the water as the mixture cools down. Afterward, separate the oil from the water properly by decanting it.

Steam Distillation

This process takes a larger container specifically for extracting the Manuka oil, referred to as a Still. The Still’s inlet injects steam through the plant material and boils it. At the same time, the Still allows the boiling to continue until the mixture produces molecules and a specific aroma smelling like most plant extract oils, including coconut oil. Next, continue boiling until the plant matter molecules turn into vapor. 

Then, allow the vapor to cool to start decanting your oil into your collecting jar. Or, if the vapor takes time to cool or you don’t want to lose the oil through evaporation, collect it using a condensation flask or even a condenser. This way, you allow the vapor to cool down quickly, turning into liquid oil ready for use and storage.

Solvent Extraction

If the quality and amount of the Manuka oil you get isn’t a priority concern, solvent extraction is a viable option for extracting and obtaining the oil affordably. But remember, the oil you get through this process is of low amounts.