No one wants to deal with the negative consequences of a drug test. Are you a regular consumer of THC? Do you have an upcoming drug test? Even if you have an upcoming drug test or not, it is essential to keep proper knowledge of things you are consuming. It helps you to know its effect on your body. 

In this article, we tell you about the nature of Delta-8. For how many hours does it stay in your system? We can answer this shortly and crisply, but it’s better to know the reason behind everything. In short, we can say that it remains inside our body for 2 to 30 days, depending on various factors. But this answer is not satisfactory. Right. So let’s go through the article and learn about the facts and factors behind this. 

How much time does delta 8 take to show its effects?

Delta 8 is an incredibly beneficial cannabinoid. It takes more time to show its effects than others. 

The time varies according to the type of product you choose for consumption. Like gummies take a more extended period to react than oil and tincture. Vape takes the least amount of time to show its effects among all preferences. So if you expect strong results in less time, go for vapes.

The gummies can take up to two hours to show their effects, while vaping does it in ten to fifteen minutes.

The duration time for which the vape lasts is also dependent on the type of product you consume.

The effects produced by vapes last for a shorter period of two to four hours. In comparison, results produced by gummies can stay up to ten to twelve hours. What is the reason behind the longer duration of effects?

The answer is that the pills and gummies fuse slowly into the bloodstream. Hence you can feel its effects for a long time. Let’s know how these products metabolize in our bodies. Delta 8 gets absorbed by our body by half every thirty minutes. After 30 minutes, only fifty percent of the initial amount remains in your system. Fifty percent of the total amount gets consumed in another half again, leaving 25% of the initial product. The process continues until this beneficial drug remains in your system. 

Different factors on which the stay of delta 8 depends

As we all know that this recreational cannabinoid can remain in your blood and urine for 2-60 days. Many factors catalyze or reverse the focusing process. Among all the drug tests, the hair follicle test can detect the drugs in the system, even after many days of consumption. You’ll be surprised to know that a hair follicle test can detect THC in your blood or urine for up to 90 days. 

Regardless, people often observe inaccuracies in this test. Due to this reason, it is rarely used. 

The period for which the drug stays in your system depends on the factors given below. It includes

  • Usage – How many days a compound remains in your body is directly proportional to the frequency of use. The more often you consume, the longer it stays.
  • Age – It is one of the main determining factors. The metabolization rate of younger people is much faster than that of older ones. 
  • Method of consumption – As mentioned earlier, the mode of consumption is one of the crucial factors. Vape and oil tend to flush out quickly compared to gummies and pills.
  • Amount – The amount of consumption has a direct impact on the release. The more you devour, the longer it lingers.
  • Interaction with another chemical compound – When the cannabidiol interacts with other chemical compounds, it breaks down.

Let’s know the factors affecting the half-life

As we all know, Delta 8 is consumed in half every 30 minutes. But several factors affect their half-life. Due to this, the rate of absorption either increases or decreases. If there is a decrease in the absorption rate due to any reason, the drug tends to remain for a more extended period inside your system.

  • Regularity of usage – Like every other psychoactive cannabinoid, it takes a long time to leave your body when consumed frequently. As we all know, cannabinoids are fat-soluble. Hence they bind with fat cells. When we consume it in high dosage, it will accumulate in our fat cells. So even after you are not consuming it for days, the stored drug will slowly mix with the bloodstream. It is why it takes more time to flush out of our bodies. 
  • Metabolic rate – Metabolic rates tend to decrease with an increment in age. People between the age of 20-30 tend to have faster metabolic rates than people in their 70s or 80s. But a person of any age group can increase their metabolic rate by exercising. 
  • Genetics – The period for which the consumed stays in your system depends on a person’s genetics. The metabolism of any drug is mainly dependent on the liver. It contains specific enzymes to break down different drugs. The enzyme that metabolizes delta 8 THC is called CYP3A4. 
  • Dosage – As we know, we absorb the energetic drug by its half-life. We have explained above how this process works.

So now we understand that the period THC remains in our system is directly proportional to our dosage. So the higher the dose you take, the longer it takes to flush out.

Final words

There is no fixed period regarding bow long delta-8 will stay in your system. But on average, we can say that it flushes out of our system in two to thirty days. It depends on various factors. It includes dosage, method of consumption, genetics, metabolic rate, etc. Unfortunately, if you co for a drug test after consuming THC, you will fail it. Hence it is advised to start detoxification approx 20 days before a drug test. The days increase for senior people.