Garbage Disposal

Dealing with a bad odor can significantly impact the aesthetic and usability of the kitchen while making any cooking or chores in the area a frustrating experience. However, a kitchen area does not normally have issues with odor – in most cases, it’s usually an issue that can be resolved with proper cleaning and maintenance.

A smelly kitchen can be a sure sign that your Garbage disposal needs to be cleaned. The kitchen sink often has food accumulating within the piping of the disposal, which can cause the build up of organic waste and an unpleasant smell to build up over time. And while an unclean garbage disposal isn’t always the cause of smells, it’s the first place you should be looking for any issues.

While it is easy to clean your sink, it can be easy to overlook regularly cleaning your garbage disposal. To thoroughly clean your disposal, it is recommended that you contact qualified companies like Diamondback Plumbing, since it can be a task that requires the proper hygienic protocols as well as expertise in dismantling the disposal and putting it back together again.

Cleaning your garbage disposal without any info, however, can be a little hectic and time-consuming. In this article, we’ll go over how often and why you need to clean your garbage disposal out on a regular basis.

What is a garbage disposal

A Garbage disposal is an electronic appliance placed between the sink and the trap which helps collect solid food waste in the grinding chamber. It’s usually use to grind up disposable organic waste such as leftovers, bones, and other items that the disposal can grind up and disperse through the drain without causing a blockage.

However, even with this, there are times where foodstuffs can build up and remain in place despite frequent use and rinsing. Like other appliances, the garbage disposal needs thorough cleaning once in a while, or it will eventually breed harmful bacteria and mold.

Frequent cleaning can keep the garbage disposal clean and free from unpleasant smells and harmful bacteria and mold. This means a more hygienic environment and a safer kitchen for you and your family.

How many times or often do you need to clean your garbage disposal

People tend to let organic matter build up in their garbage disposal because it is in a hidden place and out of sight, so it’s easy to forget. So the question is, how often should your garbage disposal be cleaned?

Normally garbage disposal is meant to be cleaned at least once a week or two weeks. However, suppose you are not someone that doesn’t just have anything going down your disposal and use it much less frequently. In that case, the number of times required for cleaning and the stress of cleaning will be drastically reduced. Your disposal may not require any cleaning for a week or two.

On the other hand, if you live with a large family or just have more members in the household than average, the chances of organic waste buildup in your disposal is high; as such, regular cleaning is required.

If you find cleaning your disposal once a week or two inapplicable, you should ensure that you immediately clean it out when your garbage disposal starts smelling.

Benefits of cleaning your garbage disposal

Prevent the development and spread of bacteria

When food leftover is left in the garbage disposal for a long time, it begins to spoil and rotten and may cause bacteria or molds to be transmitted to the kitchen users. But if the garbage disposal is cleaned frequently, there should be no issues with any potential hygiene hazards.

Eliminate the chance of bad smell in the kitchen

When food particles are left to rot in the garbage disposal, it naturally creates an unpleasant odor, which is not only unpleasant, but may permeate into other parts of the house that absorb smells. This causes issues where the entire kitchen may continue to smell even if the garbage disposal has been properly cleaned. It’s best to avoid this issue by cleaning the disposal out on a regular basis.

How to ensure that you do not have to frequently clean your garbage disposal

Garbage disposal does require cleaning, but that does not naturally mean you must clean every weekend. When properly used and maintained, you can reasonably space out your cleanings much farther and still be able to use your unit without any odors.

Some of the best ways to clean your garbage disposal is by watching what you put in your disposal. Make sure you’re following the guidelines and only putting the right items through it. To avoid any issues down the like, ensure that you do not put the following items down your garbage disposal:

Animal bones, fruit pits, shells: Things like bones, shells and fruit pits are always very hard and can make the disposal past its limit. Consider throwing them in out instead of dumping them in your disposal

Yam or potato peel:Pouring your yam or potato peel into the disposal can damage it. The impeller might entirely spoil. Or the peel turns to a starchy paste which will later start to stink.

Oil or grease: These liquids can easily be poured into the disposal but do not always flush away. It could build up with time and create a clog in the disposal.


Garbage disposal cleaning can be stressful, especially when you need to open the sink for proper cleaning. Hence, it’s best to rinse out your disposal frequently and make sure your faucet is turned on when it’s in use. This will make sure all food leftover that is just washed down the sink exits the garbage disposal and that no food particle is stuck within the piping.

By following the guidelines and recommendations we’ve listed here, you should easily be able to avoid any smells and minimize the frequency at which you need to clean out your kitchen’s garbage disposal.