How to Choose the Right Tiles for the Kitchen

Tips to choose the right tiles for kitchen

Kitchens are cherished spaces which hold lots of memories. These special zones must be welcoming and a reflection of your personality. While decorating this place, the homeowners often get confused about the colours, patterns and type of tiles.

To help you, here are some top suggestions for choosing the right colour tiles for the kitchen.

A Small Space – Go Monochromatic

If you have a small space, your aim should be to maximise the space. This can be achieved by decreasing the colours, patterns and cutting lines. So, go for monochromatic and light-shaded tiles. Luckily, you can explore wall tiles for sale, with tiles in all ranges, patterns and colours.

Also, for a similar colour of cabinets and window frames. But remember to add some colour through an accent wall, some plants, wall decor etc.

Love the Lively Vibe – Try Prints and Patterns

If you are more of a person who thinks go big or go home, then add lively elements to your kitchen. For example, you can use Moroccan print tiles on the wall to create accents. You can match the cabinet colour with other wall tile colours to balance it. Moreover, you can try open wooden shelves to display crockery, plants etc. 

A Large Space – Try the Vintage Vibe 

If you have a spacious kitchen, you can experiment with many things. For example, the wooden cabinets and some patterned tile having brick styling, mosaic patterns etc., look great. In a large kitchen, you can add lots of colours. You can try the colour wheel to see the complementing colours so it pairs well. Also, add many open racks, accent lights and large cabinets and sinks. 

A Wall Full of Florals – For Welcoming Looks

Minimalistic yet bold, the floral wall tiles are in trend. If you love the floral tinge, add it through wall tiles. For this, you can install backsplash tiles with floral patterns. 

Also, you can create an accent wall having beautiful colours and flowers. This will spice up your kitchen with an extraordinary element. Make sure the wall is noticeable. The wall tiles for sale have an amazing range of floral tiles complementing any kitchen.

Lastly, Some Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips which will help you choose the best kitchen wall tiles:

  • Avoid textured wall tiles if you have a hard time cleaning the wall tiles.
  • You can use single and light colours for small spaces.
  • For a vintage vibe, add wooden cabinets and complementing tile shades. Also, you can add wooden beams, hanging lights, plants etc.
  • The vertical line stripes and wall tiles also look great and heighten the kitchen.
  • For a minimalist look, you can match cabinet colour with tiles and create accents with other colours or patterns of tiles.
  • Choose easy-to-clean, durable and strong tiles.

Finally, to enhance the kitchen even more, bring in some plants, food signs, posters etc. You can invest in an accent light that goes with the place’s theme. Also, making compartments for appliances and having a decluttered kitchen are trending.

So follow all these tips and check out the wall tiles for sale to change the look of your kitchen.