Use Spider Traps, Spider Catchers, and Insecticides

Sticky glue spider traps are designed to catch and kill spiders, placing them in areas where you have spotted spiders. Keep them away from kids and pets. These will be available in nearby stores. To remove spiders from your home without killing them, you can use a spider catcher. It is a hand-operated wand designed to pick spiders and hold them securely until we can release them outside the house. There are many insecticides available in the stores, make use of them. Apply insecticides along the corners of your house, under the furniture, etc. These will repel or kill spiders and can be used if you are dealing with a serious spider infestation. But make sure that you keep it away from children.

Remove Cobwebs

Remove cobwebs around the house as soon as you spot one. You can either use a broom or vacuum to remove cobwebs. Removing this will make it difficult for spiders to make the cobweb bigger and catch their prey.

Peppermint Oil and Vinegar

There are some home remedies to help you handle spiders without chemicals. Peppermint oil and vinegar are among the best natural solutions to keep spiders and cobwebs away. These items have a strong scent which is enough to repel the spiders. Mix these items with water and spritz them at places where you have noticed spiders or cobwebs. Keep these mixtures handy and reapply this every few days. If home remedies are not helping you in dealing with the level of infestation, hire a pest control service.

Install Screens

If you like to leave your doors and windows open, then you should think about installing screens on the doors and windows to keep the pests out. This will prevent a wide variety of pests from entering your home. You need to properly maintain the screen, clean it often so it doesn’t get all dusty and make sure holes are not formed in it.

Keep Your Home Tidy and Declutter

Cleaning your home regularly is important in keeping a lot of pests away. You can also make a perfect to-do list for cleaning which helps you to cover every corner of your home. Remember to vacuum clean, sweep, and mop all corners, under the furniture and ceilings. Also, decluttering often, clutter provides hiding spaces for spiders. So, remove as much clutter from your home as possible. Keeping your home tidy will benefit you in a lot of ways. You can also seek help from house cleaning experts to make this easier for you.


The storage area can be breeding and hiding ground for spiders. So, smartly store your belongings. Instead of storing things in cardboard boxes, you can store them in airtight plastic containers. This will also protect your belongings from dust and moisture damage.

Clean up Leftovers

Cleaning up the leftover food and other kitchen messes is very important in keeping all kinds of pests away. Therefore, leftover food should be properly disposed of at the end of the day, all the dishes should be washed properly before sleeping and wipe your countertops and tables regularly.