Accomplishing anything worthwhile in life requires a combination of perspiration and inspiration. It clearly implies that you need to work hard as well as smart. This philosophy applies in every area of life. If you want to secure a designated position in the Indian defence forces, it is essential to channel through every phase of the examination. For sure, your feet will turn cold with the fear of exam. But, never let the fear of exams overpower you. Do all the possible efforts to eradicate negativity from your mind and appear for the examination with courage. Well, it’s easier said than done! In This article, we have mentioned some of the best tips that can help you appear for defence exams with courage. If you have made up your mind to appear for the defence exams, then go through this article gingerly.

The only way to enter the Indian defence forces is by cracking every phase of the defence exam. For which defence exam are you going to appear? Is it the NDA exam? If so, then look for a reliable institute that can provide NDA coaching in Chandigarh. A coaching institute can help you in a number of ways to complete the exam syllabus on time. But, it is your sole responsibility to fight your fears and become courageous. Always remember, you need courage to enter the defence forces. It will not only help you to crack the exam, but will also help you to fight enemies on the battle ground.

The following tips can help defence aspirants to crack the exam with flying colours:

For many candidates, the biggest problem with exams is fear and anxiety. It is highly important to get rid of these negative feelings. Don’t worry, there’s a solution to everything. You can follow the given points if you want to appear for the defence exams with courage.

Chart out a plan

Planning out everything is really very important. You need to plan your study schedule while preparing for the defence exams. Are you thinking about how to make an effective plan? First, line up the subjects you need to prepare for the exam. Afterwards, know the syllabus of each and every subject. You need to complete the syllabus of difficult subjects first. Then, prepare for the easy subjects. Moreover, make sure you are following your plan. When you follow your plan with consistency, it can help you complete the exam syllabus on time.

Note down everything you learn

Many scientific studies unveil that you can retain 10% of a concept by reading and 20% of a concept by listening to someone. But, writing while learning can help you grasp the maximum of the concept. So, make sure you write everything you learn. This way you can prepare notes for yourself. These notes can provide you a helping hand during the last hours. You can use these to revise important concepts.

Never think about borrowing notes from others and study from it. Instead, make your own notes that are suitable for you.

Allocate time for short breaks

It is not a wise idea to study for the exam for long hours. Studying continuously can be boring and tiring. So, make sure you are studying for the exam by giving yourself enough short breaks. These breaks can aid in refreshing your mind. Also, it can help you focus properly while preparing for the exam. You can use your short breaks in the following manner:

  • Listening to a soothing song.
  • Spend time on social media.
  • Having a nap.
  • Going for a walk.

If you have a strong desire to enter the Indian Air forces, then start preparing for the AFCAT exam. For guidance, you can start preparing for the exam with the help of an adept institute that can provide AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

Do meditation

Always remember that you need to rest your mind to make it more efficient. Many studies reveal that those who do meditation regularly can easily focus during study hours. Don’t think that you need to spare special time for meditation. You can do that in your free time. However, it is advisable to meditate at the beginning of your day. For sure, it can aid in boosting your efficiency to study for the exam. So, add meditation to your daily schedule during the preparation phase.

Have an optimistic approach

Your attitude plays a significant role both while preparing for the exam and while writing the exam. It is essential to have an optimistic mindset to ace the defence exams. For sure, you will meet a number of naysayers who can demotivate you. The best way to deal with them is to not pay them attention. Believe in yourself and keep working hard to accomplish your goals. Your assiduousness can help you taste success in the defence exams.

Always remember, a positive mindset can help you understand and retain concepts easily. So, make sure you have a clear and positive mind while preparing for the defence exams.

Practice ample mock tests

Your exam preparation is incomplete without practicing mock tests. So, spare at least an hour in a day to solve mock tests. It can help you to enhance your speed and accuracy for solving questions. Also, we would suggest appearing for online mock tests. It can help you simulate the experience of an actual exam. For sure, it can help you to perform excellently in the exam. Note that solving 2-3 mock tests won’t help you. You need to solve at least 15-20 mock tests while preparing for the exam.

Clear your doubts as soon as possible

Note that you can’t appear for the defence exam by keeping doubts in your mind. Therefore, it is important to clear your doubts as soon as possible. You can get adequate videos on youtube that can help you understand the concept. Also, you can choose to seek help from a source to clear your doubts. A coaching institute can come to your rescue. It can help you to complete the exam syllabus on time. So, have you started preparation for the CDS exam? If yes, then search for an eminent institute that can provide CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the excellent ways through which you can gather enough courage to appear for the defence exam. If you have the spirit in you to join the defence forces, then follow the aforementioned points.