How to gain free real Instagram followers

How to get followers on Instagram for free is unquestionably one of the most frequent queries posed by Instagram users. I think it makes sense.

However, very few people are aware that social media sites are no longer free.

I’ll explain.

Instagram is free, just like social media in general. What happens is that we will need to set aside a small budget for marketing activities that will grow the number of individuals if we want to get the most out of them (reach more people, have more contact, or, for example, sell items or services with them). A large amount of comments, likes, and follows.

Can’t you get more Instagram followers without spending money?

Yes, of course. Although I can tell you that Instagram’s algorithm is getting more and more complex ever since improvements were made to it.

Here are some essential ideas to help your posts get more exposure and, as a result, reach more potential followers:

1. What Instagram content gets the most engagement?

With your permission, I’ll be a little biased in this section and focus on what I find to be the most appealing aspect of Instagram and what I believe best fits the readership profile of this blog: showcasing your most vulnerable and intimate self to brands (both personal and corporate).

You will be able to connect with a company and your own brand much more if you are able to achieve this. Additionally, this supports the development of effective content marketing methods, which are already used, for instance, on YouTube and several blogs.

Since Instagram is entirely a visual social network, you already know this. As a result, the information that is close-proximity and visually appealing, as well as because of the message it provides, functions best here.

Personally, I find that photographs with inspiring and motivational writing are the most appealing.

I know it’s not particularly “original,” but I’ve been doing it for a while, it works for me, it sends the kind of uplifting message I want to, and it’s also very much in keeping with what it is. I want it to remain my own brand.

In this sense, a lot of the pictures are from my everyday life and personal world: pictures of me, pictures of the places I go, pictures of books and other things that have been brought to me and excited me, pictures of work-related scenarios like the “backstage” of a video recording session, etc.

As a portal to my “real life,” where I also include the people who follow me in my day-to-day activities, something that, on the other hand, I know people like, it seems to me to be the ideal approach to connect with my audience and to reconcile my human side with my personal brand side.

Although you don’t have to follow suit exactly and it could not even apply to your situation, I hope that the connecting principle behind it will serve as motivation for your Instagram activity.

2. Instagram Hashtag Usage

You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram to identify the content you are posting.

Using hashtags allows you to connect with profiles that you don’t know while also letting other users know what the theme of the images and videos you submit is.

I eat? Instagram has added the ability to follow posts that are identified by a hashtag.

This may result in some of the publications containing the hashtags you are following appearing in your newsfeed (the area of the application where you see the posts published by the accounts you follow).

This is one of the best methods to get seen by users who haven’t followed you yet, as well as one of the best ways to find other accounts who post content you’re interested in.

What many of hashtags should I use in my posts?

The truth is that there hasn’t been a unanimous decision among specialists over how many hashtags should be used in a publication.

Because the new Instagram algorithm will perceive that we are over-optimizing the post and lower the reach of the posts we publish, using more than 15 could be viewed as a spam method.

Never use more than 30 hashtags on Instagram, because your reach will drastically decrease.

Last but not least, I advise you to use a variety of hashtags in your images.

Popular hashtags from the past, such “tags4likes,” “picoftheday,” and “follow4follow,” have faded into obscurity, and Instagram ignores them now.

The greatest strategy you can employ is to mix less common hashtags with some more well-known ones, and above all, to change up the hashtags you use in your publications so that you don’t always use the same ones.

3. Use Instagram Stories to post images and videos to the social media platform.

As you are aware, when used effectively, video is a format that may lead to a significant increase in interaction. On Instagram, you can also utilize video to interact with your fans more deeply. Facebook Live, like Instagram, allows you to generate a lot of engagement.

Instagram introduced Instagram Stories in 2016, allowing users to submit photographs and then add filters, effects, and layers to create a slideshow-style Instagram “story.” This functionality was expanded to include video uploads in the same year.

Instagram Stories’ most peculiar feature is that a user’s stories expire after 24 hours. In other words, they vanish forever. But in fact, that might be something that promotes community involvement.

You must be very aware that Instagram Stories is all about having fun, which is why you have so many effects and opportunities to give the pictures and videos you wish to share using this tool a playful feel.

4. Make use of Instagram TV and Instagram Reels

Reels and Instagram TV are the ideal platforms to produce content in the video format since, as we saw in the previous example, it has a considerably higher interaction rate than photographs.

Instagram Reels are quick videos that last up to 15 seconds, whereas Instagram TV allows you to upload hours’ worth of content.

I advise you to use this format to display anything that appeals to your audience but cannot be presented in other media, such as stories or articles.

In any event, I’ll leave you with this guide, in which we go over how to create an Instagram Reel in less than five minutes in more detail.

5. The ideal Instagram posting period

The Instagram algorithm has also changed to display the publications out of chronological order.

In the past, the latest images published by the people you follow were the first ones to show up in your newsfeed. But it won’t be the case anymore.

Generally speaking, going forward, the publications from the accounts that you engage with the most will show up first.

Permit me to define engagement (probably this explanation is not necessary for you, but I prefer to go for it).

The number of likes and comments you leave on other Instagram users’ posts determines your engagement with them.

Therefore, Instagram wants to display posts from the accounts you connect with the most frequently first, followed by posts from accounts you might not interact with as frequently.

Having said that, despite your belief that it shouldn’t matter as much, the time of publication does.

It is ideal to strive to publish at times when the majority of your followers are online because of this.