It has been so many years that Korean Beauty has put the “Glass Skin” trend on the pedestal of beauty standards, but J-Beauty (Japanese Beauty) has created a new beauty clamor on social media. Glass skin is defined as a smooth, clear, and intensely hydrated that appears reflective and ostensibly transparent.

But how can we actually achieve this new J-Beauty Glass Skin? Well, with proper Japanese skin care products, glass skin is not par at hand. To purchase high-quality Japanese skin care products and other health and beauty products, Jcomfy is the best online shopping platform option.

Why is Japanese Skincare So Good?

Knowing the best place where you can buy your J-skin care product is much as important as knowing how to apply these products properly. In order to achieve your dream glass skin, know the reason why Japanese skincare is so good.

The Japanese concept of “Glass Skin” is recurring in the term soft and plump skin. This is described as a skin finish that is bouncy, supple, and perfectly hydrated. This is not the same as the approach of the American skincare that destroys and attacks your own skin with strong exfoliation and harsh formulas, unlike the Japanese that have a nourishing philosophy, highlighting that our skin must be protected from the sun, undergoes thorough yet gentle cleansing, and applies layers of multiple hydrating and moisturizing. The Japanese skincare routine is generally done by removing makeup, cleansing, hydrating with a lotion, treating the skin with serum, and sealing all the products with a moisturizer. These simple steps make Japanese skincare so good.

How Do You Get Japanese Glass Skin?

So, how do you get this Japanese glass skin? Again, Japanese skin care is about being caring, gentle, and giving what is needed only by our skin. Here are the simple steps to achieve Japanese Glass Skin: Double Cleansing, Tone with a Japanese Lotion, Treating with Serum, Apply Lightweight Moisturizer, Facial Mask Every Other Day, and every morning makes sure to apply Sunscreen.

How do the Japanese Have Clear Skin?

Japanese are well-known for their beautiful and clear skin. What is their secret? Well, by the time you will read this article, it will no longer be a secret. It is true that beautiful skin starts with the correct diet and lifestyle, along with the best Japanese skin care product. These are the reasons why the Japanese have clear skin. Continue reading, and you will know the best serum and best Japanese skin care product to achieve that J-Beauty clear skin.

Which Serum is Best For Glass Skin?

With the wide range of serum products in the market, it will be really hard to find quality and effective serum. But no worries, with Jcomfy, they bring high quality and the best Japanese skin care products with complete convenience in one place within a short period of time and with utmost satisfaction.

Jcomfy offers the best Serum product under the M-Dear Japanese brand. This serum specializes in restoring degenerated skin cells and helps reduce wrinkles and aging. This product is integrated with the Sh-Oligopetide-1 with the property of restoring degenerated skin cells, Sh-Polypeptide-11 to stimulate and boost the growth of skin cells while reinforcing collagen growth and elastin generation, reducing wrinkles, giving firmer skin with a higher level of moisture content, and Sh-Polypeptide-31 to stimulate the growth of hormones while slowing down the degeneration of skin cells that is the cause of aging. With this serum, you can make sure that clear skin is no longer a dream.

What Are The Best Japanese Skincare Products?

Along with the serum that M-Dear Japanese Brand offers, they are also the best Japanese skincare brand. M-Dear has a lot to offer, from Oil cleansers, Facial Foam cleansers, Japanese lotion, and moisturizers. Their product is really beyond reproach. They also offer a set of products under sale, and they also have individual items. For you to know the product feel free to access

Japanese Skincare Night Time Routine

With the heavy and tiring day at work, it is not just our body that is tired, our face too. While having makeup on your face and pollution from the environment, our skin deserves to rest. It is not much to give yourself and your skin a pamper, and with products available at Jcomfy, we can surely say that “We have the right product for our skin


Here are Japanese Skincare Night Time Routine Steps that you need to achieve that Japanese Glass Skin:

  1. Double Cleansing – According to a famous Japanese skincare guru, Chizu Saeki, the author of The Japanese Revolution, spending as much time putting your makeup on, you must also take time at night cleaning and removing the makeup. It is highly recommended, at the very least, that you use emulsifying oil or balm to remove the makeup and ensure that no impurities will be left hanging in the pores all night.

The first cleanser is the mentioned use of emulsifying oil or balm. This is called oil cleansing and came from the idea of “like dissolves like.” Doing this kind of cleansing aims to lift extra sebum or the oily substance produced by glands on your skin, clean out clogged pores by blackheads and whiteheads, and remove dead skin, pollutants, and especially makeup.

How to do Oil Cleansing: With your dry hands and a dry face, put a rightful amount on your hands then gently massage the oil cleanser onto your face. Once you are done, rinse your face with warm water, and it is time for the next step of the double cleanse.

To complete the double cleansing procedure, the second method is the foaming face wash. In the same procedure with oil cleansing, you need to apply a gentle foaming face wash that also gets rid of the excess sebum and dirt that may be left. Remember to use a water base cleanser that will foam up with water because the foam helps protect your skin from the harsh rubbing of your skin.

There you have it, a clean face ready for sleep. By the way, one bonus of doing double cleansing at night is that you can skip washing your face in the morning. Just a little splash of water on your face will do!

  1. Tone or Hydrate with a Japanese Lotion – Like the toner, Japanese lotion is applied after cleansing. This lotion is watery but not the same as other toner or astringent that is meant to take away needed oils in the face. It is just patted onto the skin and left there to soften the skin, hydrate, and perform some extra mile onto our skin. The lotion has water-pushing humectants like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and aloe, which are best for hydrating the skin.

On a basic normal day, after cleansing, you can pat on a lotion in the morning and evenings. To make it not a duty, just soak cotton pads or dry paper masks with a lotion, then apply them like any other sheet mask.

  1. Treating with Serum – After thoroughly preparing your skin, you need to apply a serum. Serum in Japan is called “beauty liquid,” which treats specific skin problems like dark spots, wrinkles, and even dullness. Beauty liquids do the same caring and treating mechanism as lotion does. They just differ in consistency because the serum is much thicker and concentrated in consistency.
  1. Apply Lightweight Moisturizer – While you still feel that your skin is hydrated, apply a lightweight moisturizer that will add hydration and will give your skin a plump appearance. During hot summer weather, a lighter moisturizer is needed. I know that you love to be hydrated but allow your skin to breathe during this time, and you will not like it when your skin is feeling greasy. The main purpose of a moisturizer is to seal everything that you have put onto your face from the previous steps and add extra hydration. The milk, oils, and creams are the active ingredients that seal everything on your face for complete absorption and hydration.
  1. Facial Mask Every Other Day – Different from Korean Beauty’s Glass skin which requires almost every day usage of a facial mask, Japanese Glass skin suggests using a facial mask every other day. For what reason? Well, that is because the Japanese skincare routine vs. Korean is about less is more. The quality-made products of Japan are exactly what you will find. So in terms of sheet masks, it will just be the cherry on top of a good and constant skincare ritual.

Japanese Skincare Day Time Routine

Mentioned above is the Night Time Skincare routine, and now, after the long night of beauty rest, you need to start again a new battle facing the world.

Before you put on makeup on your face, make sure that you have taken your bath. After having your bath, it is time to prepare your skin. A night before, you have done your double cleansing method, this only means that you do not need another cleansing, for you have removed all the impurities and makeup from the last day. Here are the steps:

  1. Go directly with the application of Japanese lotion for your skin needs that hydration.
  2. Do not forget to apply the lightweight serum. This will continue to treat those minimal skin problems and will prevent your skin from developing wrinkles.
  3. Seal all the products with a lightweight moisturizer.
  4. Lastly, protect your skin from the sun using Sunscreen. We do not want that sunburn.
  5. After all the skin preparations, you can now apply your makeup.

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