Switching your hairstyle, adding volume and length, or escaping a bad hair day, human hair extensions work wonders! You can instantly feel the difference and fall in love with your new look without giving a second thought about stepping out of the home!

Notwithstanding, to keep the real hair extensions looking luscious, healthy, and more natural, proper care and maintenance are of utmost necessity. Failure to do so will result in dull, matted, and unhealthy strands causing irreversible damage. Human hair extensions require a proper TLC regime to extend their longevity and save them from untimely impairment. To help you understand better, let us take a glance at the benefits of these gorgeous real hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions: The Extraordinary Benefits

100% virgin hair extensions are considered one of the choicest beauty products admired by numerous hairstylists and celebrities. So, what makes these natural hair extensions so popular?

Human hair extensions come from 100% virgin hair derived from single or multiple donors. No matter whatever is the application technique, we always prefer these virgin hair extensions because:

  • They blend so perfectly with the original hair that it is absolutely unrecognizable. Nothing can offer you such an impeccable natural look as real hair extensions can! 
  • These extensions provide immense versatility. You can get it in varied colors, textures, and lengths. 
  • Since real human hair extensions come from 100% virgin hair, they retain similar characteristics. You get strong, healthy, and smooth hair.
  • You can treat them like your natural hair and do not have to worry about using styling products.
  • They last really long when you take good care.

So, to get the most out of the investment in 100% virgin hair extensions, you must follow a proper maintenance routine. Keep reading to know more.

Care Tips for Human Hair Extensions for Better Longevity

When you want your extension to furnish you with promising results and save it from irrevocable damage, here are some significant tips for you:

  1. Treat It Like Natural Hair- Even though human hair extensions are an additional hairstyling product, you must handle them delicately as you do your natural hair. Remember, these extensions are made of real hair as well.
  2. Brush Well and Softly- Always use a brush with soft bristles to avoid strain and breakage. Hold your extension firmly at the base and comb it slowly with a detangling brush.
  3. Clean Regularly- You do not require shampooing real hair extensions very frequently but do it often whenever your scalp gets sweaty or oily. Use professional products only. Shampoo your hair from the roots to the ends after detangling it properly.
  4. Hydration is Indispensable- Never skip conditioning after cleaning your hair. It hydrates your extension and replenishes its health. The conditioner helps to strengthen the hair cuticles while locking their moisture and shine. 
  5. Don’t Sleep with Wet or Loose Hair- When you go to bed, blow dry your hair completely, as sleeping with wet human hair extensions results in tangles and root damage. Also, tie your hair into a low ponytail or braid to avoid matting and breakage.
  6. Use Silk or Satin Pillow Covers- Hairstylists always recommend avoiding cotton or linen pillow covers as they cause more friction. Your hair loses its moisture and shine, making it frizzy. So, satin and silk are the best fabrics for hair.
  7. Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water- When you dive into the beach or swimming pool, protect your hair with a swim cap. Salt water and chlorine rip off moisture from hair leading to dullness.
  8. Say No to Prolonged Sun Exposure- The harmful UV rays cause extensive damage to real hair extensions. Your hair becomes brittle and gradually loses its sheen. Wear a cap or scarf when you need to stay out in the Sun for a long period. 
  9. Get a Cold Rinse- Rinsing your hair in cold running water locks in moisture and strengthens hair cuticles. Steam baths with extensions are an absolute no-no.
  10. Store Properly When Not in Use- Do not simply put away your extension in the wardrobe drawer. Always keep it straight. For better results, hang it or use a stand.

Thus, to boost the life and vibrance of your hair extension, never ignore its ideal care and maintenance. Your locks will give back the love you share!