1. How Reliable Used Luxury Cars Are

The demand for used luxury cars has increased by almost 30% in the recent years in the Indian market. One of the most important reasons why people choose a luxury car is reliability. International luxury car manufacturers have created a legacy over more than 70 to 80 years which is an achievement in itself. Sustainability of design and longevity are the two basic principles on which luxury cars are produced. The luxury cars are limited in numbers but their design ensures that they would continue to perform for years without much hassle. Moreover luxury car manufacturers have started rolling out new improved models every season which as directly increased the used car units in the market. People looking to upgrade normally sell their cars only within two to three years of usage. Thus, speaking of 2020 and upcoming years, more reliable pre-owned luxury cars will be available in the market to choose from.

  1. Vehicle Life Depends on The Regulated Disciplines for It

Any vehicle is a machine which requires maintenance. The only difference when it comes to a luxury car is that their overall design and engine are very robust and are built to outlast any condition. Mostly car manufacturers claim that their vehicles are durable and comfortable with a plethora of features on board. 

When it comes to maintaining a used luxury car, discipline is the key. There are some points you must remember while using a pre-owned luxury car:

  • Always drive within safe speed limits and smoothly to avoid sudden pressure on the engine
  • Always maintain the tire pressure, engine oil levels and other lubricating fluids for longevity 
  • Remember to keep your ride clutter free to avoid carrying unnecessary weight
  • Only use the best fuel for your vehicle
  • Always get the car serviced after 10,000 to 20,000 km run
  • Avoid making any modification to the vehicle and try to keep it in stock condition as much as possible
  • Always follow traffic rules and local norms for a safe drive
  1. Service Duration for a Used Luxury Car

Used luxury cars which have underwent their regular service schedule during their years with the first owner tend to be more reliable when it comes to performance. Normally, the service schedule for a used luxury car should not exceed 12 months or 10,000km driven (whichever comes first), you can take liberty depending upon the conditions in which the vehicle is being driven. Rough terrain and uneven weather conditions can force you to get your luxury ride serviced every 6 months, while normal city commuting might let your car run smoothly for more than a year without any major concern. General maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis is a good way to avoid spending too much on service costs and it also saves time.

  1. Major Components to Check and Service on a Periodic Basis

Like any other vehicle, a used luxury car also has major components which need to be taken care of for efficient usage. Let’s take a quick look

  • The engine oil and oil filter must be checked and replaced when needed. It is the most important component to keep your car’s engine lubricated and alive for a very long time.
  • The battery must be maintained and checked for rust or improper connections, cables etc.
  • Transmission fluid and electronic steering fluid (in some vehicles) must be regularly check and maintained.
  • Braking system must be inspected regularly and brake fluid should be replaced or refilled when needed.
  • All electronics, fuses and wiring must be checked regularly for proper functioning.
  • Air conditioning system must be inspected and maintained regularly for optimum performance.
  1. If you Take Proper Care And Service, It Can Run Over 200k Miles

Proper care and judicious use of a used luxury car can help you get the maximum out of it with minimum cost. Luxury cars are known for reliability, power and rigidity for prolonged usage. Careful maintenance and safe driving can help you achieve 2,00,000km on the odometer without breaking a sweat. It must be understood that although luxury cars are built to perform even in very harsh conditions, deliberate running in those conditions must be avoided. Over speeding, racing or off-roading can cause serious damage to both your vehicle and yourself in case anything goes wrong.

While we can say that buying a used luxury car is a serious business, it holds true for its maintenance as well. Care and discipline can help you enjoy your ride to the fullest without putting undue pressure on the vehicle itself.