Having a cluttered and cramped kitchen means that being in the room isn’t enjoyable, and you might even try to avoid it as much as possible. Because of that, you won’t spend time making healthy, nutritious meals, but instead, you’ll do a lot of microwaving or cooking frozen items or perhaps even ordering more takeout than you should. 

If you could maximize the space in your kitchen, would that help you? Would that make the space an easier one to use and one you want to spend more time in? If so, keep reading because here are some great ideas to help you maximize the space in your kitchen. 

Use Wall Space 

Storage is always going to help when it comes to giving you more space in your kitchen, but it’s not always easy to just come up with more of it, especially if you can’t add any more cupboards and cabinets. 

One solution to this issue is to use your wall space more. You can install shelves, magnetic knife strips, pegboards, and so on to help you store things away from your kitchen counters. This will give you a lot more space to work, and your kitchen will look tidier as well. Not only that but when you store things up high, it’s far safer than leaving them out on the counter where they could cause an accident, especially if you have small children or pets around. 

Install a Garbage Disposal Unit 

At first, although there are many reasons why having a garbage disposal is a good idea, the fact that it can help you maximize space in your kitchen might not immediately spring to mind. However, it can definitely help, and it’s well worth considering. 

Right now, your waste bin in the kitchen could be taking up a lot of space. If it’s on the floor, that area could be used for something else, like extra storage, for example (or it could be kept clear, making the room feel bigger). If it’s in a cupboard, imagine what you could put there instead if the bin wasn’t there. When you install a garbage disposal unit, you’ll have much less need for a large bin because your food waste – which is probably the most waste you have – will go into the system. You can switch your large kitchen bin for a smaller one, or perhaps do away with it altogether and free up plenty of space. 

Downsize Your Appliances 

Kitchens are used for all kinds of things, not just cooking. So you might have plenty of appliances in the room, including a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, and so on. The space these things are taking up is huge, and they might even be getting in the way, no matter how useful they are. 

One option to consider if you want to maximize space is to downsize your appliances and opt for slimline ones or at least slightly smaller ones. If you can do this for everything, you’ll free up a lot of space that will instantly make your kitchen seem bigger but ensure you can still use it as you need to.