how to produce a podcast

Podcasts are the media of the future. In our increasingly visual world, people want an auditory outlet, and podcasts fill that niche exceptionally.

Technology never moves backward, but history often repeats itself. TV took over the radio in the 1950s, but with the presence of the internet, people are realizing that an audio-only medium is much easier to independently produce and much easier to provide a uniquely intimate appearance. Studies show that podcast audiences are only increasing.

We’re still in the middle of a podcast boom. No one can blame you for wanting to learn how to produce a podcast. However, it’s important to learn how to do it right.

If you’re looking to produce a podcast, should you produce it yourself? or should you hire a podcast producer?

This article will seek to answer that question.

What “Producer” Means

“Producer” is a strange word. It’s one of the most talked-about roles in an artistic process, but what it means exactly depends on the medium.

In the world of film, producers are quite simply money men. They give funding to directors and screenwriters for their projects. They may withhold their money if directors don’t meet their demands, but in general, they have no artistic control.

In the world of music, producer means something else entirely. The music producer acts as the “director” of a recording session, facilitating new takes from a band to make sure they get their best sound possible. Different producers have their own unique styles, that stand out separately from the band.

The producer in the world of TV has a more involved role. Directors and writers are usually hired and assigned on an episode-by-episode basis. The producer acts as a super-director, “directing” the hiring of directors and writers, ensuring that quality is maintained; they often work as the shows head writer as well.

Not As Defined

The first thing to realize about podcast producers is that their roles are not as defined as they are in other forms of media. Some producers seek to take a hands-off approach, simply giving you everything you need. Others can work with you — like a musician — to make sure that your podcast is everything it should be.

We suggest that you work with a podcast produced because the lack of definition in roles means you can divvy up your responsibilities with your producer depending on your personal preference.

Check out this article we found with more info on how to find yourself a top podcast producer.

Learn How to Produce a Podcast

The world of podcasts is still in its “wild west” phase. If you want to learn the process of podcast production, we highly suggest you hire a producer. The “no laws” element of podcasts in this phase allows you to make the rules as you see fit, and hire the perfect person.

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