Protecting your furniture items should be a priority as you move. Whether you hire movers or finish the process yourself, you need to invest in the right supplies and use suitable packing methods to ensure your items reach their destination while still intact. Here are some of the ways you can do this.

  1. Packing supplies

It would be best to start by investing in the right packing supplies to avoid damaging your items as you move. These items help protect any fragile items from breakage in case of any impact as you move the goods. Others are designed to cushion one piece from the other, providing a buffer that prevents scratching. These packing supplies include bubble wrap, moving blankets made of soft fabric, and plastic stretch wrap. You should also purchase sofa and mattress covers to keep your furniture from getting any unwanted stains.

  1. Clean the furniture

It would be best if you also cleaned your furniture in advance as you prepare to move. Cleaning is a great way to prevent damage because it allows you to remove any debris or hidden items before the furniture is packed. By removing foreign items, you eliminate the risk of scratching your furniture. Hidden objects can also cause staining, like ink accidentally spilling onto your couch. Remove these items during cleaning and ensure all your furniture is completely dry as you pack.

  1. Taking apart large pieces

One great way to protect your furniture as you move is by separating large pieces and packing them into smaller pieces. That typically applies to items like beds and couches, which can be dismantled and put together when you arrive at your new house. By transporting the items in smaller pieces, you are avoiding the risk of having them hit other things while in transit, which often leads to damage. You also spare the movers from having to squeeze any of the large pieces into smaller spaces, which can also result in potential breakages or damage.

  1. Wrapping individual pieces

After you take your furniture apart, you may begin to wrap it for further protection. You can use bubble wrap or soft blankets for this step of the moving process. Bubble wrap is perfect for fragile furniture parts that can break during impact. A good example is a tabletop made of glass. These items are vulnerable to damage, especially around the edges and corners. You can use as many as three layers of bubble wrap to cushion your items. Then, use corrugated cardboard to separate individually wrapped items.

  1. Proper organizing

You can take additional measures to prevent furniture damage by arranging your boxes in the moving truck as carefully as possible. Your goal should be to organize the items to avoid slippage and minimize movement while the car moves. Also, avoid placing your items on dirty surfaces unless those pieces are wrapped in protective materials first. It would be best to keep heavy boxes in the back of the vehicle for added stability. Add corrugated cardboard between furniture items to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

  1. Hire professionals

One of the most efficient ways to move without damaging your items is by hiring a professional moving company to do the job for you. These experts employ skilled people to assist you with moving activities, from transport packing to unpacking and organizing your new home. You can find a list of top movers in your area on a real estate website and pick the most suitable company for you to hire. Doing so will save costs and give you outstanding results.

Moving involves packing all your items in the best way possible to reduce damage and maintain the integrity of your furniture. Somebody may accidentally break your household items during a move due to too much movement or impact from hitting other things in the moving truck. There are several ways you can prevent this damage and protect your furniture.