If you have played at an online casino before, you will know that free spins are often given out as part of a welcome bonus for new players or as part of an ongoing promotion. Just like something that is offered away free of charge, you will need to get the most from this handy little bonus, but minus the coupon-clipping how to pull off it.

This isn’t as difficult as you may think, because there are some simple ways of make individuals free spins go so far as possible as well as increase any potential returns for effective play. These apply no matter where or when you are getting your free spins and could be used regardless if you are a brand new or experienced player.

#1 Read the terms and conditions

Quite obviously in existence, it is best to read all the facts. All free spins includes some terms and conditions attached, and you have to understand these before you begin pressing button. You might find that the spins have an expiry date or will be credited to your account incrementally if you log in each day. 

By making sure you know these rules, you can get started using your free spins reasonably safe in the knowledge that you won’t be getting any nasty surprises. 

#2 Choose your games carefully

Among the rules may be you need to play your free spins on the nominated slot. However, if this isn’t the situation, then you need to choose your game carefully. Online casinos like the one found at https://www.privecity.com/en-ca/online-slots have several hundred titles to choose from (which, of course, is a good thing), but too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Because of this, you might like to select a title that you’re vaguely acquainted with, like one that’s associated with a tv program or movie franchise that you’re already keen on.

#3 Learn everything about the game 

No matter which title you select, you have to make certain you realize what’s going on before you begin making use of your free spins. Some casinos will help you to play in demo mode, and this can be used time for you to see what goes on, so you aren’t simply using your free spins understanding the ropes. If this is not possible, many of the more popular titles are likely to have reviews online, which you can read to get clued up first.

Armed with this knowledge, you can get maximum value from your free spins by knowing which symbols you need to line up to get the biggest wins or unlock a bonus round. 

A few final thoughts 

Just as you have a couple of free spins does not necessarily mean you need to go wild and merely waste them around the first game that you discover. By ensuring you read all the terms and conditions and select your game carefully, you will get a lot more in the experience, particularly if you took time to understand by pointing out game and also the features that might be there.