Everyone dreams of owning a supercar, but only a few are privileged enough to do so. And if you belong to one of those few, this content is definitely for you. Being a supercar owner, you must be aware that you need to clean your ride regularly to keep your ride sparkling clean. However, cleaning a supercar isn’t easy because you can’t just take it to any random car wash to get it cleaned.  

Supercars need to be cleaned with extra care and caution. You will never want your car to get scratched, right? So, it’s always better to clean it yourself. We’re going to tell you about some handy tips that will keep your supercar in mint condition. And they are:

Get Yourself Dirty!

Every supercar owner must keep in mind that you should never take your car to any automated car wash. This is because the vehicle has to run through a series of brushes in these car washes. And most of these car washes don’t replace their brushes often, so the chances of getting scratches are quite high.

Therefore, the safest option of getting your car clean is to clean it by hand. Take a soft microfiber cloth and clean the exterior of your car. Remove every bit of dirt or gunk that you can find on its body. You can even use natural sheepskin cloth as it can retain a good amount of water in it.

Wash it Under Shade

One thing that you should always keep in mind is to never wash your car under direct sunlight. Instead, park it under some shade and then start washing it. Washing the vehicle directly under the sun will leave patches and blotches on its body. And we are dead sure that you don’t want your dream car’s paint getting ruined because the heat from the sun will immediately evaporate soapy water. So, before you can rinse it off, it will leave patches on your car’s body.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, it is always wise to wash your car under a shade.  

Clean the Wheels

It varies from person to person from where they start washing their vehicle. But experts recommend that you should start with the wheels. As the wheels are generally the dirtiest part of your car, it’s a thumb rule to always clean them first.

Cleaning the wheels first will eliminate all the extra mud and gunk that is present on them. Moreover, doing this will make the rest of the car washing procedure less messy.

Move on to the Body

After cleaning the tires, you should move on to the main body and start cleaning the body of your car. Use a microfiber or sheepskin cloth and clean the exterior of your supercar with a car washing lotion or soapy water. Properly scrub every nook and corner of your ride so that no dirt is left on it.  

Once you’re all done and have thoroughly scrubbed the body, wash it using water. If you have a pressure washer, make use of that for washing off the lather from your car.

Rinse Your Windscreen & Windows

After cleaning the body, it’s time to move on to the fragile components of your power vehicle, i.e., the windows and windscreen. Simply make use of a glass cleaning liquid to properly wipe and clean your windshield and window glasses.

Clean the Interior

After properly cleaning the exterior of your car, it is time to give it a clean from inside too. Last, of all, clean the interior of your vehicle.

Supercars are luxury vehicles, so they have special custom-made seats inside. So, the procedure of cleaning them varies slightly from the regular car seats. Firstly, suck out all the dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Then, use it to deeply clean your seats and inner cabin.

Even if you don’t have it, use a blower to blow away all the dust from inside. Properly dust away all your seats and take the mats out for washing. After ensuring that your seats are spotless, apply leather polish on them. This will not only restore their lost shine but will also help in increasing its life.

And at last, clean the windscreen from inside to enjoy unobstructed driving.

Apply Wax

After completely washing your supercar and drying its body, apply a layer of waxing polish. Wax will help in protecting your paint as well as the car’s body from corrosion and weather damages. So, to give your car a well-maintained life, always apply wax after getting it washed from a car service station.

In all, maintaining your supercar isn’t that difficult if you know how to do it. We hope that these supercar washing tips will help you in keeping your beauty sparkling clean!