Do you know what is app security? And why is it used? If not then let us tell you all about app security. App security may be referred to as safety measures used to protect the information stored in the apps of your devices such as Appsealing is one of the examples of app security.

If you are thinking at a personal level that app security is not that important. Then let us clear your misunderstanding about it. Just imagine, if the apps in your device are not secured. And someone, may a hacker or any other outsider gets access to all the pictures in your phone gallery. Would you like it to happen? Or any important chat of yours leaks out from your phone that you would never want to happen. Due to prevent such circumstances it is important to use app security. Now you must properly have understood the importance of app security.

  1. Prevention of reputational loss: app security systems are not only used at a personal level now. These are now being used in business organizations as well. These apps have helped many business organizations in saving themselves from reputational losses. That could have been caused to them due to leakage of their confidential information. You know it very well, the big business organizations have big data that is supposed to be kept confidential and secret. If such data shall be leaked it cause a billion worth of loss to such organizations. That data could include their policies, their business plans, their plans, their organizational information, etc. All this information is very important from an organizational point of view.
  2. No access to your apps: another positive point of using an app security system is that no outsider shall be able to have access to the apps of your organization. If you have not installed app security on your system then any outsider would come and can control your applications and can make unwanted changes. These situations explain the very importance of installing app security systems. If an outsider any how successfully gets access to your app system then it can be very dangerous for you. Such outsiders can provide confidential information about your business to your opponents.

These two are the plus points of installing an app security system in your organization.

However, there are different types of locks and securities that are used in an app security system.

  1. Numeric locks: in such a type of lock, you will have to set a password consisting of digits. It can of 4 digits or 6 digits or 8 digits or more than these. The number of the digits would depend upon the security level you need.
  2. Alphanumeric lock: such sort of passwords consist of a combination of alphabets and numbers. These combinations are difficult to guess, unlike numeric locks.
  3. Biometric locks: in such kind of security system. Biometrics of persons are saved to be used as a password. Like iris scan, fingerprint, etc.

These are the types of lock systems used in-app security.