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Going through the recent survey results, it can be estimated that the number of diabetic patients in the country is 72 million. India is in fact also called the diabetes capital of the world. From inactive lifestyles to unhealthy eating habits, and from work pressure to stress, several factors are the reasons why so many people are being found diabetic these days. In one such case, the chances of taking rounds of hospitals are higher. This is why you must buy a health insurance policy at the earliest.

The best part about having health insurance plans is that there are some specific health insurance plans for diabetes as well. This means, there are health insurance plans that are particularly for diabetic patients. Let us check out the key features of diabetes insurance plans.

Features of health insurance for diabetes

There are maximum chances that people who suffer from diabetes also have conditions like hypertension. However, when you have a health insurance plan, both the condition and the ailment will be covered. Therefore, when you decide to opt for a health insurance plan for diabetes patients, some of the features that you must look for include:

  • The health insurance plans should come with cashless treatment
  • You can avail of an annual health checkup
  • You can enjoy the automatic recharge for the sum insured
  • You can also avail of the life-long renewability
  • You can also enjoy the tax benefit on the premium that you pay.

Benefits of health insurance for diabetes

If you are diabetic having a health insurance plan can be really helpful for you. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with a health insurance plan for diabetes.

Cashless treatment

As a policyholder of a health insurance plan for diabetes, you can enjoy the cashless treatment. In a situation of emergency, you can get admitted to any network hospital and enjoy the cashless treatment. This feature enables you to shift your focus from being worried about healthcare expenses to getting well.

Day care treatment coverage

This is also one of the benefits of having a health insurance plan for diabetes. The plan offers the benefit of up to the sum insured limit. Under this health insurance plan, more than 170 day-care treatments are covered.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses covered

The hospitalization expenses are something that many of us get worried about. Well, when you buy a health insurance plan for diabetic patients, you can steer clear of the worry of the hospitalization expenses. Even if you get hospitalized 30 days after the policy end date, you will still be able to enjoy the benefit of this health insurance plan.

Other coverages

With a health insurance plan for diabetic patients, other covers will be taken care of, such as dialysis cover, domiciliary hospitalization, ambulance cover, consumable allowance, etc.

Diabetes insurance plans you can find in the market

Some of the insurance plans for diabetic patients that you may want to know about are:

Apollo Munich Energy

This is one of the insurance plans for diabetic patients which offers a sum assured between INR 2 lakhs and 50 lakhs. The other features of this plan are Organ donor treatment expenses, Discount on premium up to 25% for staying fit, Coverage on pre and post hospitalization, Tax benefit up to Rs 30,000 under section 80D, Wellness program, No waiting period, 10% no claims bonus, Ambulance cover, some health check-ups, etc.

Religare Care Freedom Plan

This is also one of the insurance plans that you can opt for. The features of this plan include Annual health check-ups, No pre-policy medical check-ups, Tax benefit under Section 80D, 2 years waiting period for pre-existing diabetes, Lifelong renewability, Pre and post-hospitalization coverage, Portability, Ambulance cover, Dialysis cover, 170-day care treatments, and In-patient care.

Apart from these, there are several other insurance plans available for diabetic patients. To know more about them, you can visit the website of IIFL.