accumulation conveyor roller
accumulation conveyor roller

Conveying activities in industrial segments have become easier ever since the introduction of conveyor rollers. The advanced equipment has indeed contributed to efficient material handling despite the volume of work. If you are specifically looking for accumulation conveyor rollers, then, your first task should be to understand their mechanism and significance. To start with, there are many situations when controlling, stopping and then resuming the products being conveyed becomes important. Thus, holding or buffering products into areas including merges and sortation can be easily addressed with an accumulation conveyor system.

If you have never been acquainted with conveyor rollers, then, here are some of the important features of accumulation conveyor system worth a consideration:

Importance of accumulation conveyors

The only difference between a live roller conveyor and Accumulation Conveyor Rollers is that the latter has the ability to minimize or remove drive pressure. This unique feature of distinction helps the conveyor system to accumulate the products to streamline material handling stages in a phenomenal manner without any hindrance. Some of the stages of accumulation conveyor activities are loading, strapping, staging, palletizing, and sorting of goods. In order to explore the difference between the two types of accumulation conveyors, let us classify them:

Types of accumulation conveyor system

Zero pressure accumulation conveyor

When goods are being transported from one place to another and the need to keep proper spacing between them while regulating their smooth move, the Zero pressure accumulation conveyor plays a vital role in making business operations easier and better. In fact, it is the perfect solution for goods which are fragile or can easily damage. On the other hand, it is the effective use of sensors in the zero pressure accumulation conveyor roller which activates components to eliminate drive pressure in some of the required sections.

The advanced technology, robust construction and precise mechanism of this type of conveyor roller enables the business owners to start and stop cartons in the accumulation zones. Due to their reliability and long-lasting performance, the accumulation conveyors further reduce the pressure build-up.

In addition, the weight, dimensions and overall size of the products can accordingly be conveyed through this type of conveyor roller system. Nevertheless, the precautions pertaining to usage, speed and the attributes of goods should be focused on while handling the zero pressure accumulation conveyors. If you are unsure about the utility of this conveyor, it is ideal to get familiar with the same by contacting the conveyor roller manufacturer. He can probably address all your queries and even explain to you the functionality of this conveyor system.

Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor:

As the name implies, slight manual pressure causes goods to touch each other as they are being conveyed on the minimum pressure accumulation conveyor system. With the help of this equipment, 2% of the live load can be brought back. As this type of conveyor is less expensive than zero pressure accumulation conveyor and easy to maintain, it is mainly preferred by the businesses. Are you wondering about the relevance of this conveyor and will it be suitable for your material handling tasks? In that case, let us tell you that if you are planning to transport packages of consistent sizes and weight, then, undoubtedly, thumbs up can be given to the minimum pressure accumulation conveyor.

Apart from this, if the need of accumulation over short distances with minimum line pressure and consistently sized products have to be moved without any hindrance, then, this conveyor roller will be ideal for your warehouse operations. Furthermore, you can queue products for sorting and palletizing by using this accumulation conveyor.

5 Tips to choose the best accumulation conveyor system

Every business has multiple business guidelines to be followed while conveying goods. Thus, it is important to get familiar with the requirements of the organization prior to investing in any accumulation conveyor roller. Here are some of the tips which you should follow while purchasing the best accumulation conveyor:

Compatibility of the conveyor roller and expectations of business owners

If the accumulation conveyor is designed to perform in a specific way, then, it should be known by your organization. This will help you in understanding the compatibility of conveyor roller and whether it can fulfil your business expectations or not.

Advanced technology used in the conveyor and its advantages

If the latest technology is being used in the accumulation conveyor system, then, its merits should be explored before its purchase.

Product should not be damaged during transportation

When you are planning to execute operations of material handling, being cautious about the conveying of products without damage is a serious concern to be taken care of.

Attributes of the accumulation conveyor system

Be it the product variability, product damage considerations, back pressure parameters or system simplicity, all the attributes of the accumulation conveyor, all the information about it needs an assessment.

Application of the conveyor system should be understood

You must understand the proper application of the conveyor system so that it becomes easier to attain the best outcome.


On the basis of the above discussion, it is clear that the accumulation technology of the conveyor roller acts as the resourceful option to rely on. Therefore, while choosing the right conveyor roller, its accumulation functionality should be evaluated. On a whole, operational goals, methodology to be used in material handling, and the benefits of a conveyor roller with accumulation technology should be properly evaluated before actually finalizing the best equipment.

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