As we all know, the world of Technology and every one of us wants LED strip lighting in our home.  So the people who are now becoming modern with time by adapting to the changes in the recent trends then they are not used to following the old fashion ideas.  For making their home look more stylish and beautiful they want to use LED light strips on the sides of the room and they are absolutely a game changer.  you need to know that whenever some guest comes to visit your home then they could stop themselves distracted from its beauty and you also need to know that some of you might not be having a clue to install it in the desired place.  In addition to this keep in mind that LED strip lighting is the most amazing choice that you can use to decorate the area around your place and you will surely e love the setting of your home made by yourself.  If you are a person who loves to play games, LED strip lights are the most amazing options that you can install in your homes but always keep in mind that you purchase these lights at a very reasonable price and it gives a glow with super brightness that no other appliances can beat. The installation process is very easy and you would be e leading the following things


First of all, you are supposed to collect all the necessary tools to install the lights within a minute and you will need Scissors, a Ruler, a connector, and a towel.


The next step that you are supposed to keep in line is to calculate or measure the entire size of your LED strip light and it will help you a lot in installation according to the size of the area.  if you think that it needs a proper wire getting then keep in mind that you are not supposed to buy it more than an inch

Positive And Negative Signs

When you remove the outer layer then you will notice three different colors of wires which are assembled in a loop.  you are supposed to cut the edges precisely and you are supposed to be careful that the wiring does not get mixed up.  be gentle while connecting it to the main supply and while you are doing the performance you are supposed to make sure to wear protective gloves and prevent touching the wire

The Plate Protection

You will also notice that the two sides of the wiring are black and red.  black to the locking plate and make sure that you have a secure and safe connection.  after that, you are supposed to connect the terminals of a battery to the available connecter.  and in case if you have purchased an LED strip light then the packaging must have provided you with a connected try to use that because every model of light varies with a connector

Connecting To The Power

Now is the most suitable time to connect the wiring part to the main supply first of all, you are supposed to check the upcoming voltage of electricity from the main supply and you will adjust accordingly